Day two.

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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día domingo, 02 de abril, 2006 a las 23:23:21 horas :

Day 2! Life is good!! Breakfast at Chile Beanís. Daylight savings has taken its toll on all, as we are slow to the gate. Some of us will stay at the hotel as I and my better half will head out to Marioís for a day at Las Gatos. Every thing is relatively quiet in town with little traffic on the ride in. Many Nationals enjoying their day off when we arrive at Las Gatos! A family next to us has taken a liking to us. They are cute and generous with all that they have brought with them. No, I donít need a shot of tequila. Only had beers and guacamole since we were there a short time, but they were good and cold so all was well! We left early to check on the girls back at the hotel. Stopped at the Cambrio in Z-town to get some Pesoís since its Sun. (10.30 exch.) and didnít want to chance the hotel running out of Pesoís and not having any for dinner. Off to Z-town for dinner at El Mediterrano. Dinner was great even though there was no fresh tuna for Tuna Sushami. We survived!! More tomorrow as we are making an unplanned visit to Las Gatos to sync with the rest of the crowd from back home. P.S. The elevators work much better at the Emporio and they also have a wireless access, although a little harder to access than the Krystal.

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