Day 3

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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día lunes, 03 de abril, 2006 a las 23:43:00 horas :

Day 3. Letís roll!! O K we didnít make it to Las Gatas. Out voted by 3 females, dang! Pick your battles that you can win. Girls refused to wake at a reasonable hour and demanded beach time with their peers. All in all it was a pleasant day on the beach at Ixtapa. Tomorrow we have a big group heading over to Las Gatas. Occupancy at the hotels seems to be at lower than what is was in Feb. A lot less people walking the beach and when I stopped at the Krystal there were empty chairs! Did the 4 oíclock shuffle to C & C and met up with Woodbury (Enricio). He is a great waiter as well as a long time friend! Introduced him to our oldest daughter and warned him that we didnít want any little Enricioís when we got home. Took a group to Emilioís for dinner and all went well! We have never eaten there before and went on recommendations from others on this board. Every one raved about their food and the prices were fair. I normally donít eat pizza in Mexico, but when you are with teenís you must keep them happy. Big kudos for Emilioís. We will return in the future! P.S. Breakfast at Chili Beanís was great as usual. I had to buy a new hat, as I forgot mine at home. Found a nice Panama straw and my bald spot is happy. Tomorrow will be a challenge as we are bringing about 20 people to Las Gatas. I may have to get one of those tour operator shirts and strike up a deal with Mario. I will report all the details tomorrow. Weather is outstanding as usual with a nice breeze and hot, hot, hot temps. Looking forward to a massage tomorrow as a few days with teenís in tow builds up a few knotted muscles. I am happy that all the spring breakerís that are here from MN are getting along and having a good time. Ixtapa is a good choice with a safe and somewhat quiet night life for them. No problems so far from a parentís standpoint. More to come!!!

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