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Escrito por Taylor desde (childhosp.BC.net) el día miércoles, 05 de abril, 2006 a las 17:21:05 horas :

Well we have been back home now (Vancouver, BC) for about a week. We were down in Zihua for 2 weeks from the 15th of March until the end of March. I started back at work today, but still feel as if I am on Mexican speed, just so relaxed, I am sure it won't last too much longer. We had a great time. This was our 3rd visit and probably our best yet. We stayed at La Quinta de don Andres for 9 days and Bungalows Ley for 5 days. Overall, we preferred La Quinta for the privacy and we seemed to get more of a breeze there. Bungalows Ley was o.k. especially the large deck, but my husband and I didn't like the idea of having to cross over the deck next to us to access our unit. We had exceptionally nice people next door to us - a family who were seeing off their daughter and family sailing off to New Zealand and it all worked out very well between the two of us, but we just prefer our own space. We also preferred La Quinta because we had a separate bedroom and small living room there - quite important if one of you gets up in the middle of the night and watches soccer!!!

We met lots of nice people this year and had lots of good food too. We ate at Rufo's a couple of times - wonderful value and good food. We also ate at Don Memo's - would definitely go back. We enjoyed the food at Coconuts and also the wonderful guitar playing and vocals from Eric Reid and his partner (can't remember his name). He sang a lot of Cuban music - very good! We ate at La Gula and it was, as always, very very good. We had the best hamburgher of our life at Caprichio's. We had a bit of a kitchen at both hotels and made a lot of breakfasts at HOME. We find this much more relaxing. We also ate at Il Mare - the food was excellent, but just too much for us. I would recommend having a couple of appeteizers and maybe just sharing one meal here (unless you are a big eater of course). We went to Tamales Any on the Thursday night to the "folk night" and it was great - well worth the money in our opinion. Can't remember everywhere we ate, but didn't have a bad meal anywhere.

The weather was HOT this year. I think we will try and go earlier next time. We are looking at staying a bit longer next time - maybe for a month or so.

The only black mark on our vacation was the TRIP FROM HELL HOME via L.A. Something needs to be done about this. We flew with Alaska and you only have 1 1/2 hours to make the connection. The organization is nil - we were told to stand in one line-up to recheck our luggage and after having lined up for about 20 to 25 minutes we were then ran through the airport to the next terminal and our luggage was checked in there. They did hold the plane for us (there must have been about 20 people), but it is just completely uncivilized and disorganized. We are looking at other ways of getting down there next time instead of going through L.A. I am sure older people must have had heart attacks etc., I have complained to Alaska in writing, but I don't really think anything will be done about this.

Other than the trip home, we had a great time. Got to visit a few new places - La Barra, Los Gatos (spelling) took a trip up to the hills surrounding Zihua with Lady M and Suzanne (hi there) and tried a few different restaurants, met some new people. Would like to stay longer next time (maybe when we retire) and help out some of these local people in some small way. Hi to Andy and Suzanne - hope you got home alright.

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