Day 6

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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día viernes, 07 de abril, 2006 a las 00:12:54 horas :

Day 6. Breakfast at Chili Beanís. Tried the French toast and I think Iíve found Valhalla. Just hit the spot without feeling overly full. Itís hard to get the all inclusive crowd to go anywhere, so there were no takers for an excursion to Isle Ixtapa. Another palapa day with the oldest daughter and our friends doing a little parasailing. Good stiff breeze today made for a high ride and a comfortable day on the beach. Met up with friends who came in today for their first trip. They are at Las Brisas. We have only seen brief glimpses of this property from the bus when picking up people, but when wandering around looking for them we got a taste of this fine hotel. Million dollar view!!! I donít know if I could stay there with no access to the main beach of Ixtapa, but would consider it if I was looking for privacy from the masses. Brought the newbieís to Z-town for dinner a Tamales Any and a quick walk around town to orient them for their week down here. There was a political rally taking place on the plaza and traffic was being diverted in town. This along with the early birds coming in for the holiday made for traffic similar to Puerto Vallarta. Stopped back in Ixtapa for a quick orientation and a trip to the Beer Planet for the coldest and cheapest Coronaís in town. This is quite the watering hole with locals and tourists sharing laughs and conversation! There seems to be a new bar (Los Rudos) across from the Radisson with the same business plan as the Beer Planet. Nothing like a little competition to get beer prices back in line.

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