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Escrito por vicki desde ( el día sábado, 08 de abril, 2006 a las 14:14:53 horas :

I have been a studious reader of this message board since January when I first discovered we were going to return to Ixtapa/Zihua but haven't posted anything. We just returned last week from 11 days at the Radisson in Ixtapa. We have been to Ixtapa twice before and have spent every spring break for the last 16 years somewhere in Mexico. I would have preferred staying in Zihuatanejo, but this was the first time our 15-year old son was going to be without a sibling so we decided to stay at a more "resort" type place so he would have more activities and chances to meet friends. Have stayed at the Posada Real and the Dorado before; the Radisson just had a better deal this time. After reading many not-so-good comments on it, it was fine. We do not do AI and they make you wear an arm band anyway. I didn't like that at first but got over it. Room smelled musty the first day (I think it was the air conditioner) and then it was fine. Have had better rooms in Mexico but also worse. Hotel doesn't want you bringing in food or beverages but we bought a styrofoam cooler and put beer and pop in it anyway. Ate breakfast at the hotel twice -- it was okay, not bad, not great. Ate lunch there everyday -- quesadillas, chicken tacos, burgers, and nachos. By the way, I love nachos in Mexico, with the beans and chihuahua cheese, pico de gallo and guacomole. That is my dream lunch everyday. Well, the Radisson has orange US concession stand cheese on theirs! Quite disappointing! But regardless of that, we had a good time. My husband was one of the pool ghouls who would get up at 6:00 am to save a palapa (he wanted shade) and go running. Activity staff was great and my son had a great time. I did nothing but read five books and plan where we were going for dinner. So here is what I found:

Casa Morelos - first night in Ixtapa. Have eaten there before and it was good. We had tampiequena which was great and the 1/2 chicken. Margaritas were good, too.
Casa Vieja - One of our favorites. Met the owner, David, 16 years ago on our first trip to Ixtapa and met him again at Casa Vieja about 7 or 8 years ago. Didn't know it was the same guy until we started talking. Talk about a small world! Anyway, I had the chicken with bacon, broccoli and melted cheese. Best meal I'd ever had. Son had tampiquena. Husband had tuna which he got deathly sick from that night. I think it was an allergic reaction because he broke out in hives and was beet red.
Went back again later in our trip. Day three went to Playa La Ropa for dinner, ate at Elvira's. I wanted to go there during the day and sun but the boys wanted bigger waves. We had huachinago veracruz - very good! The next day we had friends coming to surprise my husband. We agreed to meet at Carlos N Charlies because it was closest to the Radisson. I normally will not go into those places but it is one of the only places in Ixtapa where you can eat on the beach. My food was actually very good. I had steak tacos. Back to Zihua the next night to eat at Bandidos. Again, I had reservations about that place because I pictured it to be too trendy. That was another great meal! Enrique was one of the best waiters we've ever had. He really took the time to explain everything to us. I had the molcajetes (sp?)which was awesome. Excellent corn tortillas! Other meals at our table which were great were filet mignon, red snapper, and shrimp with bacon that is not on the menu. Next night was our worst meal. We ate at El Arbolito and found there was some animousity between a certain hostess and Rob. Our waiter was horrible. Everything was so bad it was almost funny. Couldn't get drinks to save our life; food came and was practically cold by the time we got our silverware to eat it with. Lights went out and needed a flashlight to see. I was surprised because I've heard good things about this place. I know it is seafood and in it's defense I have to say that my fish was very good and my son's shrimp was some of the best he's ever had. My husband's filet was so bad he had to get tabasco sauce to make it edible. Our friend ordered ribs and he couldn't eat them because they tasted like fish. All in all, a bad experience. Waiter would disappear and not return for hours it seemed like. Next night we stayed in Ixtapa and had pizza at Emilio's. Again, very good (and we are from Chicago). Back to Casa Vieja which we all enjoyed. Next evening we ate at Franks. I was a little disappointed and wished I wouldn't have wasted a dinner at an "American" place. Food was okay, not bad just not as good as I thought it would be. I had filet, my son had pizza and my husband had the stuffed shrimp which he could not finish. Our last night we ate at Tamales Any. My husband had the pozole which was excellent and we had the tortilla soup. Some of the best tortilla soup I have ever had. Also had a quesadilla and a sweet tamale for dessert. Very good.

All in all, a great vacation. Great weather, good eating! Husband and son went jet-skiing about five times. And the massages in front of Carlos N Charlies are only $20 for an hour. We did that several times. Oh, went to Chili Beans in Ixtapa for breakfast almost every day. Very good food. Thanks to everyone on the website for all their info and help. Hopefully, we'll be back next year.

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