Day 7

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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día sábado, 08 de abril, 2006 a las 23:28:18 horas :

Day 7. Breakfast at C B’s. Again the French toast does its trick. Off to Las Gatas with the newbie’s. Very small cruise ship in harbor. Much less annoying. Fires in the distant hills keep us wondering if they are controlled or what. Mario has pampered us with his food and service again. The barbequed Red Snapper is a big hit with all again. Can’t wait to return again next Feb. Mario’s wife has made a tortilla warmer and a decorative towel for the wife and I. They are beautifully hand painted and decorated. Brisas Del Mar is our #1 recommendation for Las Gatas as Mario and family have always treated us as if we were part of their family. Juanita also stopped by today and met our newbie’s and did some last day business, with us returning tomorrow. Juanita we love you too! She can drink a cervasa faster than anyone we know. They brought in a 150#+- tuna while we were there so the tuna must be biting again. All this week when we were at Las Gatas the water was cloudy all day. When we were in PV in the last 2 years when the cooler currents come in the water was cloudy as well. I am assuming that the cooler currents are cloudy. (Input please!) Off to Vila De La Selva for dinner. We made reservations in Feb. when we were there for Valentines Day. Front row, lower deck, center. Doesn’t get any better than that! Food and ambiance were fantastic!! While we were enjoying our cocktails and view, it became apparent that many of the people that were being seated were old friends of different members of our group. No one knew anyone else was in town so it was a surprise to all to recognize so many faces in the restaurant. It truly is a small world. More to come.

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