Re: Any Info on Pacifica Golf Resort in Ixtapa?

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Escrito por Sherri desde ( el día lunes, 10 de abril, 2006 a las 09:37:41 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Any Info on Pacifica Golf Resort in Ixtapa? escrito por Silver desde ( el día viernes, 07 de abril, 2006 a las 01:01:06 horas :

It's a beautiful resort. We were invited through a friend that owns there. We had to go to a timeshare meeting, Unfortunately we could not afford to buy there. But if I had to pay full price for a room I might stay at one more in the middle of the beach. In order to get to the stores and restraunts (we didn't do AI). We walked down the beach a ways and out through a public access. So for someone who doesn't walk much this would not be good. The resort is built on a hill and is like at the end of the bay. I am not sure how else to explain it. It was our first time there so we wanted to go out and about a lot. I have to say the view is spectacular. We had an ocean view and looked right down the beach. I am betting it is one of the better views there. I am not sure how it is in the golf rooms. I think I could see them from our room but I am not sure. I can send you some pictures if you like. The staff there was wonderful. I seem to be going back and forth with my answer. But that is the problem. As a timeshare exchange i'd stay there every yr. If I was paying big money I might stay at a hotel in the middle more. Does that help at all?

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