Trip report with my 15 month old daughter

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Escrito por Shane desde ( el día viernes, 14 de abril, 2006 a las 02:14:05 horas :

Took my 15 month old to Zihua and got a hotel at Villa Mexicana for 3 nights. Hired a guide to go to the light house and we hiked up there with another guy from Minnesota... Tom I recon. Got a nanny for a few hours in the evening and she watched my daughter at the hotel while I went with one of the local people to a soccer game. 2 local teams played the crowd was small and it was one heck of a fight. Nobody won. Ate lots of fish and pezcadillas and campechana.... at breakfast at los perrecos a lot. Nice ladies there. Played on Playa la ropa.... crossed the golden gate bridge and walked north and met some local people and got pictures of Marlin guts.

Met a girl from another state inland Mexico. She invited us to go to her city. We took a bus for about 5 hours and another bus for about 2 hours to get to her city. It was very remote and almost nobody spoke any english. She introduced us to her entire family. She took us to a party to kick off semana santa... the party went on for 2 days. Lots of drinking dancing and music and people. Ate dinner with some locals in an Avacado orchard. They pretty much payed for everything except my hotel and changed, fed and took my daughter to the doctor without even telling me. It was cool. They bought her prescr1ptions and returned her in mint condition with a smile. Although they were only about 6 hours late.... I was adjusted enough to the culture not to call or worry... much.

Zihuatanejo is easy to get around. I say this... get savvy with your negotiating skills and use them as you see fit. Don't be afraid to pay full price to and honest individual but watch out for double timers and overly tenatious sellers. These people can and do sell well but Viva Mexico because they have to eat and feed their families every day.

we took the bus and then a taxi from uruapan back to Zihuatanejo and stayed our final night in Villa Mexicana right on the beach... ground level with the door open all night and the ocean pounding in surround sound to soothe my slightly buzzed head to bed after getting the kid down and having a couple of beers.

Every morning I got up around 4:30 am and enjoyed several hours of quiet time. The last day in the morning my entire life changed and I percieved clearly my future and the next steps I will take in life.

We took this trip because my wife died 2 months ago and I wanted my daughter and I to be able to heal from her death. By golly it sure helped a whole whole whole lot.

If you are a good tourist then go to Zihuatanejo... If you aren't a good tourist and are just a good traveler you may need to search a bit deeper to find what you are looking for but it is there. It is a very spiritual people and a wonderful land as far as I have seen. My 15th time to Mexico. Next time it is Barranquilla, Colombia. I will surely return to Zihuatanejo for the simplicity of the ocean and to enjoy the seafood. My return will be short and I will surely enjoy it.

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