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Escrito por Shane desde ( el día sábado, 15 de abril, 2006 a las 10:10:43 horas :

En respuesta a: Trip report with my 15 month old daughter escrito por Shane desde ( el día viernes, 14 de abril, 2006 a las 02:14:05 horas :

Well to the nay sayers Thanks but no thanks. I am a very careful judge of personality and it would have been next to impossible for my daughter to be in danger. I spent 2 days asking different shop owners about the family and they had many friends there and were well established in the community and temple as good honest people. So I always do my homework and take no chances with her or myself beyond normal event.

To the Yay Sayers congrats to you. Travel to me is all about intamacy in culture. Getting to know a people and being invited into their home. They told me that next time I come back I can stay in their home. That is no simple invitation. It is very loving and profound of their culture. I have never really experienced another place unless I meet people who live there and get to talk about and learn about thier lives, families and culture. It changes my perspective and renews my mind. Their culture is based more on love than ours. Ours is more fear based opposing love. We are so time oriented and they are so free from timely restrictions. Getting caught up in the moment for me means taking life in with pleasure no matter what is going on around me.

With little possessions and sometimes enough money and food many of the people of Mexico have kind and happy hearts and live in great freedom with peace of mind. That is a rare thing in the Anglo culture and a common thing in the Latin culture.

I guess some people have to explore much deeper than others to have contentment with their personal understanding of life and this world. I happen to have a need of looking deeper. I didn't go to Zihuatenjo for the beach or the hotel I went to know the people that live in the hills... the people that work and live and sleep and die there. The beauty of a flower goes from the bloom all the way to the end of the roots and back to when it was just a seed dying in the ground. To me the Start.. The End and the Events of life are so worth exploring to learn in chosing love.

So naysayers stay in your hotel rooms and keep your passport locked in the safe.

So yaysayers have fun

Thanks to all

Shane and Lily

p.s. Next time it should be the amazon region of brazil.... and after that.. other ends of the earth that are often unconcieved and unreached by so many minds and hearts.

Heck maybe we will go meet some canibalistic tick tockers in the african bush. ... we will of course pack plenty of good food for them that they may not be tempted. HAHAHHAHA ain't life grand

And marlin gut pictures are a comin...

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