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Escrito por Miguel Rodenta desde ( el día viernes, 21 de abril, 2006 a las 18:45:33 horas :

En respuesta a: biking to Ixtapa from Zihuatanjeo escrito por zonk desde ( el día jueves, 30 de marzo, 2006 a las 15:55:52 horas :

You are in luck - hit the right guy. I have stayed on LaRopa 12 years running, and each year I buy a bike. Some years I am lucky enough to sell it a month later for half price. Other years I give it away (which feels good when it goes to somebody who needs it). Whatever, the cost of a new bike is about two days rental.
The hill you want to climb is close to 325 meters. It runs beside the new highway. A back way (dirt)is also available going the old way over the headland behind the radio towers at about 400 meters. I don't recommend it, except for heros.
There are a number of interesting routes through town. If you don't like to pay close attention, don't get on a bike at all. Drivers, pedestrians, dogs, et alia don't pay a lot of attention to you. Never be in a hurry. Inquire your way to the Pemex station at the North end of town (up from Bodega bodega). A few meters North find the bottom of the trail. The trail has two parts. The first km is a nice 8% grade. If you are used to riding, this will be no great test. Begining at the the tequilla repository, the grade goes to 15% plus. For the first two weeks, I don't even pretend to make it. I just walk the bike up slowly, and smile a lot at the people waving (or sending raspberries) from the busses. Near the top is a short viaduct. Get back on here. The view from the top is great, On a bike you can enjoy it as long as you want. The steepest part awaits. You will start down the mountain through the park, alongside the road. It's beautiful, An everchanging view. Suddenly the trail takes a tight turn to the right, and dives under a couple bridges. If you have never seen a bicycle brake smoke, this is your chance. You literally drop into Ixtapa.
The trail is red dyed (faded) asphalt about 3 meters wide, and smooth the last time I was on it. My little knobbies really get humming.
Ahead of you is all of Ixtapa, a short hop out to the marina, and/or a long ride through the nature preserve.
I recommend that you make a day of it (not less than a half day). Many of the kids who work in Ixtapa go over the mountain every day. They will leave you in the dust. If you are sensitive to laughter, wear a dark glasses and earplugs. Several times I contemplated hiring a cab to take me and the bike back. So far, I haven't suffered the embarassment. Don't do the trip until you have had a couple days to get used to the heat. Drink lots.
There are other places to ride. Just ask. Have fun. Come back in Nov., so I won't be all alone.

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