The Goats of Zihuatanejo

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Escrito por Jay & Illan desde ( el día lunes, 24 de abril, 2006 a las 14:20:25 horas :

Thanks again to all that helped Illan and me with ideas for our trip. We ended up at Las Brisas, and could not have been happier, except when it came time to leave. They have the nicest (and most private) beach that we saw out of the major areas in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo.

On one of our trips away from Las Brisas we went into Zihuatanejo and saw the Navy guys walking around near the compound (?) armed to the teeth with helmets, body armour, semi-auto rifles, etc... Soon thereafter we saw them walk into a fenced, secured area just off of one of the shopping streets.

When we looked closer, there were a bunch of goats there, which we thought was amusing. What seemed more amusing was that we then asked a bunch of people at the hotel about it, and no one seemed to know why they would have goats secured behind the fence.

Anyone know?

(You can tell we had a great time when our most urgent question involves the Mexican Navy and secret goat detentions...)

Thanks again to everyone who helped to make our honeymoon as special as it possibly could be.

-Jay & Illan

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