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Escrito por Rob and Jane desde ( el día martes, 25 de abril, 2006 a las 00:07:30 horas :

This was our first trip to Zihuatanejo, we stayed at Bungalow Vepao on Playa la Ropa.We had originally booked (and paid 600$ deposit) at "Suites la Ropa". On finding out this "hotel" and l use that word loosely, was a dump (and their advertising on the net should be shot into cyberspace)we actually got our money back as a relative was down there and got it back for us.( 2 others l have talked to did not get their deposit back) It is not on the beach, it is between a delivery alley and the back alley of 2 restaurants..nice smells, boat repairs by your front door,ect..just a warning to people booking off of the net.And yes, l did do a search on this place.Found nothing.
Easter on la ropa...picture 2,000 people and no porta-pottys. l don't need to go any further.
The good points...Don Memo's..great place to eat.Rubin's in Ixtapa.Great hamburgers. Tamales in the mercado. Sanka Grill,awesome flank steak..Elvira's on la Ropa. Eddy the silver guy on the beach... the beach dog ,friends bought a collar for and wrote "adopt me" on it...People from Montana,Kentucky and Mexico City..

Overpriced...Rick's 75 pesos for a margarita..ouch...La Perla...(now l know what that previous posting was could wave a flag and still not get noticed)
And don't bother printing out the "free surprise gift" from La Perla's site.
La Ropa sand, garbage,water snakes,and more garbage.One sad elderly man trying to clean it up.The snorkeling was dismal, and we snorkled at another bay while on a fishing trip.
We vacation in Mexico every year. This just was not the place for us.l did appreciate the forum and chat boards, thanks.

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