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We were in Ixtapa Apr 8-15. This year we rented a condo in Tesoro. Condo(and condo owner) was great although too many rules for the "private renters" We were there with our 3 kids (18,16,10)and our 20 year old joined us Wed. We brought ALOT of food from home and enjoyed breakfast and lunch most days taking a break from the beach and pool. Our favorites this go around was Capri,Tequila Y salsa bravo.Food was great and the service was absolutely like eating at home. We did the usual and did Rubens, Da Baffone. Of course Mamma Normas both for a dinner and breakfast. We spent a day at the island had a blast once you got over the feeling of being herded to the other side to snorkel. Our girls spent a lot of time at Carlos and Charlies had a lot of fun dancing, drinking and pretending they were old enough-even as we chaperoned!!!! We ate at El Galeon in the Marina and our favorite is Paty Mar Y Mar at sunset watching the locals close up the "beach shop" for the day. Our girls met plenty of mexican boyfriends which the daddy kept close watch.
Now the two things that only semi dampered our week was it being the beginning of the Mexican holiday by Wed we were pretty much the only americans at Tesoro. We are pretty self contained for our own fun but it was obvious we had to work a lot harder for attention if we needed any-even getting a drink in the lobby bar was a challenge! Oh well we went across the street and bought more tequila and SOL.
The check system in restaurants we were warned about some who attach "propina" automatically but when we asked what "servicio" was we were told twice that it a form of tax. Is that correct?
The people we met-whether from Mexico or US were gracious,fun and very sweet. One of our daughters found out she had made her Division One dance team while we were down there. (Internet after midnight) Our celebration eventually included all the people in the lobby whether they understood us or not- but they made very special news even better. We love Ixtapa and will be back-we may look into other rental-Sorry so long!

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