trip report day two

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Escrito por Bonita desde ( el día domingo, 07 de mayo, 2006 a las 07:28:58 horas :

To begin I met Carlos from Travelocity he was a pleasant as could be. I got my refund and off I went to spend it. first on the agenda is breakfast, went to Chili beans. back to the hotel got all sunscreened up walked the beach we got further than I thought we would. Back to the pool for relaxation. back to room for cleasing and out to dinner . this is where it gets tricky. My husband who has had 2 major heart attacks and is suppose to be on oxygen 24/7 ran out of gas at the little resturant that use to be the Toku (sp) We said what the heck and ordered our food. Not bad matter of fact pretty darn good.
I am going to check on getting him some oxygen tomorrow. I brought a prescr1ption from his doc and I have a number to call for it . It is called oxygen on the go they deliver to anywhere in the world. wish me luck. But we are still having a great time.

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