Trip Report: Ixtapa, Uruapan, Nexpa, Troncones in 17 days

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Try to make this brief but to the point. Wife and I.

We arrived on the direct flight from Atlanta via Delta on the 19th of April.

Stayed at the Holiday Inn in Ixtapa. I really liked it. English and Spanish tv, ac, swim up bar, great staff. We paid $75 a night for 4 nights. The pool is great and would be great for kids. It is off the beach a bit but is walkable. The beach didnt meet my expecations. For not having the rain season start yet, the water was very dirty/murky looking the entire time there. Didnt get in the water at all, just hit the pool. The shopping area was fun (though i left my ATM card in the machine after having withdrawn some pesos, called the bank and fixed it, and just used my CC and had to use cash advances). Ate mostly at the restaurant after having found that it cost about the same to eat there as in town. Hotel food was great. We really didnt have to leave the hotel for anything if we didnt want to. The Taxi from from Zih airport to the hotel area is a rip off, $28 bucks for a 15min ride. Went surfing at Playa Linda with Leon from Catch La Ola. Fun day surfing. Our fourth morning, we went to the bus station in Ixtapa and caught a bus (Estrella Blanca) to Uruapan, 4 hour ride (2 tickets = 400 pesos/40 bucks). I would recomend

Uruapan was great. Hit the nacional park, the pyramids, the artesania show and sale, and even went to the movies there. Spent 4 days there and had a blast. Went all over. The locals were freindly and great. If you ahve the time, check it out. We stayed at the La Pie de la Sierra motel. $28 dollars a night ( for a habitacion sencilla. The onsite restuarant was great and inexpensive. Taxis are cheap here, one side of the city to the other for about 25 pesos max. Internet cafes were about 6 pesos for 30 minutes. Loved Uruapan, 2nd time having been there. Would go back. Left Uruapan and went to Lazaro Cardenas (where the riots were taking place, 4 dead, etc...)

Took Parhikuni to Lazaro (38 dollars for two tickets). Then hopped on the combi up to Nexpa ($8 usd for the both of us). Stayed at the surf camp at Rio Nexpa. Great place. Loved it. Favorite stop on the trip. 30 bucks a night for a bungalow on the beach, running hot water, and couldve had ac for another 5. We spent 5 days there and had surf in the head high range every morning and very clean. Afternoons were a bit more blown, but still could surf. Food was pretty inexpensive, about 9 bucks a meal for the both of us (28 bucks a day). Internet was about 12 pesos for a half hour. Hopped back on the combi to Lazaro. Taxi to the other bus station, and hopped on an Estrella Roja to get dropped off at Troncones. Bus driver never had heard of the place. Ive never been either so i didnt know what i was looking for. He passes while Im yelling at him (and yes, in spanish, i'm fluent) and drives all the way to the turn off towards Zih and BuenaVista. We get dropped off right there in the middle of the road with our bags on hwy 200. We stood in the middle of the "V" instersection there for about 15 minutes until a cab drove by, and took us to Troncones (120 pesos!!!) Nexpa was fun and if you surf and like to rough it some, then i would highly recomnd going. Would love to go back.

Stayed at Raqueros. Great place. Well worth the cost. Had a bungalow to ourselves. The only complaint i had about Troncones was how expensive the food was around there. The food was ok, nothing spectacular. We were spending about 25 bucks a meal ($75 a day). Again, the food was good, but you could get the same meal, and probably better, elsewhere (north or south of the area) for half as much. Internet service at the Manzanillo Bay was 2 pesos a minute, which is alot compared to other places, highway robbery. PHone calls there on their phone to the US were 2 bucks for a minute. The area has a monolopy on services. The surf wasnt impressive there at the point either. The ranch was breaking pretty good though. We spent 5 nights and was there for our anniversary. Troncones beach was nice, clean, and had rocks, reef, and coral around which made cautious entries. Troncones was nice, but it wouldnt be a place i would have to go back too or necessarily recommend someone going. I would recomend Raqueros though if someone was going there.

The Delta flights were easy and convenient. We paid $500 for the both of us for 2 r/t tickets from Atlanta.

All in all we had a great time. We regret having gone to Zih and you will all grill for us for not having done so i know, and we deserve it. We'll hit it next time though.

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