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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día martes, 09 de mayo, 2006 a las 17:59:41 horas :

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Yes!! I have the satellite up and working... hurray!!! Que viva!

The Children's Library Project of Barra de Potosi is alive and well. The kids come daily to hang out, paint and draw, read and play. I'll try to put come things in a nutshell...

We are getting ready for a giveaway of school supplies to our 150 kids from Kinder through secondary school ... looks like it'll be next week Tuesday or Wednesday whichever day the teachers decide (they bring the kids walking from the schools... really fun)

The kids come to work on school research projects now that we have the Internet. El Maestro Angel (Director of the secondary school) particularly likes to send his kids to research. Recent topics that kids have come to research include:)Addictions(specifying the various usual addictions such as cocaine, marihuana, methamphetimine, heroin, nicotine, alcohol)another topic was Feminism... really interesting. We found a ton of information. (Acutally I learned quite a bit helping them!)

The littler kids are working on their Mother's Day cards using designs found in books we have in the library to make their cards in the primary school. Somebody gave us a book of Native American designs... a coloring book with fabulous designs that will appear on the Mother's Day cards of many a mother in La Barra on the 10th.

We will be having a Poetry workshop! Given by a generous visitor who happens to be writer up in Pennsylvania. We will work out the details now as she has just arrived to the area.

Then... coming up in June our two week series of daily workshops in art... Printmaking, puppet making, mural painting and painting, given by teachers and students from the Cooper Union for the Arts in New York! We are so excited about this as our last workshop with them was a wonderful success.

Our remodeling of the Library building is (very) slowly progressing. I just have received a promise to buy the paint needed to begin painting the building - from one of our village neighbors... Jorge (Coki) and Juani Martinex Bello. Mchas Gracias!! Given that nobody has muchmoney around here... this is a sacrifice for them and VERY well appreciated.

We have the means (thanks to Chewy Gomez... Muchas Gracias!!) to the wood needed to finish the porch roof and need only to organize the crew and day to go get it. Maybe the end of this week, I hope!

Here's where we can really use the support of readers of this board... help to finish the shelves and get tables (I have a great time limited source for some great tables and chairs now... but no money for them... frustrating!).

We especially need your help to hire the full time Librarian! Please check out Rico PDX's site about our pledge drive to collect funds for this person's salary. I would say, we need this more than anything now. The kids want to be in the Library everyday... there would be at least 25 kids or more working each day from after school to closing, I have no doubt. We need this person to be with them full time, guide them help them with their homework develop more programs etc. (I can only do so much here...)Need help!

We hope to hire her or him when the new crew of teachers graduates in early July. We presently have $700 usd (specifically given for the hiring of the Librarian) in the till for this purpose (barely 2 months of salary with social security) and I would like to have at least 6 months if not a year guaranteed when trying to hire! Help is most urgently requested for this. We are a registered Private non-profit organization in Mexico... Ninos Encantados de La Barra de Potosi A.C. Please see Rick's site at for how to donate for this.

The Library is a wonderful project that's been around now for going on 6 years, well used and loved by the kids of La Barra and their families and also the teachers. We continue to collect donations of school supplies,(for all who are studying here and also for the teachers) books (for the library and also for the three schools).

Many many thanks for inquiring and for your support!

Hasta pronto, Laura

P.S. Rob, How do you attach photos here? I know I should know that but somehow, I missed that day! I would love to put some photos showing the kids ... especially building with the new building blocks the Rico PDX gave us recently. How they love these blocks!... all the kids of all ages... wonderful creativity in building magical building of all kinds. This is the favorite toy.... also the counting animals of many colors!

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