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Our trip April 24-May 3

I have planned this trip for 8 mos. and 8 mos. ago Zihuatanejo was the only place that NW Airlines would give up four 1st class seats using air miles. (oh what a wonderful thing that turned out to be). After I booked the flight I immediatly went to the internet to find a Villa for my family, my husband (Matt), myself (Debbie) and 5 year old twins (Matti and Luke). Searching for Villas lead me to this site. Oh, how excited I was to see how much all of you loved Zihua/Ixtapa and keep returning and returning. Matt and I have been to Cabo, PV and Cosumel, so I was excited, because of all of you! I'm ready to see how this compares. 1st question on the site was what beach to stay at with kids? Hands down, LA ROPA!!!! Found Villa Maravilla through Judith Whitehead, just 100 yrds from the beach behind Rossy's. Pool small, 3 ft deep all around, which was 1st concern when we arrived but ended up being perfect for the twins. Wanted this to be a relaxing vacation, not go, go, go, so the nex t questions were to find 2 places to go other that LaRopa and a few great restraunts. We have a cook, but after reading all your trip reports my mouth was watering to try some these places.

So the day has come and WE ARE OFF!!!!!! (note: Matt has not been involved with this site and dreading trip all along, he has no lower intestines, so he is nervous having to use the restroom every 10 min on plane and also nervous of food and water once we are there.)

Portland to LA, twins busy with new Leap Frogs and Game Boys. Some mentions of ears not popping, so before we left LA for Zihua I pulled out the benadryl, got them some chicken nuggets and french fries and they were out all the way till 1/2 before landing in Zihua.

You all were right, go out side to get a cab, better deal.

Arrived at Villa, twins couldn't wait to get in pool. Ofelia, our cook had margaritas, chips and guacamole ready. 3 margaritas and YUMMY Enchiladas for dinner, Matt was in Heaven. Later in the evening Matti and Luke wanted to see the Ocean. (We are used to the Oregon coast, COLD.) Twins stepped right in and Matt asked me if it was warm, Oh My Gosh! bath water! The 3 of them played for an hour till I tore them away to come home and go to bed. And that was day 1!!!! A GREAT DAY!

Day 2

Breakfast at the Villa, wonderful huevos rancheros, my picky kids loved and devoured them. Spent the morning around and in the pool. Noon, off to LaRopa, Matt, Matti and Luke played in water and I sat and had a cervesa. They all rode a wave runner, he checked out Las Gatas, came back and Matt went back to get our snorkeling stuff, rented a boat right in front of Rossy's to Las Gatas. Spent 1 1/2 hr snorkeling with twins, 1st time for them and they were like pros, fed the fish tortillas. Sat at Los Palapa?, not good, didn't understand to bring cervesas before food. Didn't like the fish tacos, kids liked the fish sticks. Wanted to go to Otillas but it was to far down from the snorkeling area, should have went to Amados, but this is where Matt stopped to rent fins and life jackets, NEXT TIME, Otillas and Amados for sure.

La Cala for dinner. Made reservations back at home via e-mail with Enma. They sat us down on the water. Wonderful little cove, waves crashing in. It was mentioned that we should go with out kids, but they really catered to them, made them special grilled chicken and noodles w/butter, they loved it. Then after dinner our waiter came and made a paper bird for Matti and a paper shirt for Luke. Enma came over to sit and talk, what a gem she is! (remember, Matt has not been involved with the site, boy was he impressed when the manager came to sit and visit only with us.) Talked and laughed for quite a while. Matt bought CD of guitar singer. Before we left, Enma gave me her cell# just incase I need any thing, then invited the Matti and Luke back to swim with her girls. Another great day!

Day 3

Caught another boat from LaRopa to Manzanillo for snorkeling. Put fishing poles in the water but no bites, Luke was bummed, he really wanted to reel in a big fish. Matti intimidated by deep Ocean, she didn't last long but, Matt and Luke went for a while. Back to Rossy's for a late lunch, then back to Villa for steak, lobster and shrimp.

Day 4

Another yummy breakfast at Villa. Lounged around pool till noon. Then headed to Ixtapa to swim with the Dolphins at Delfiniti ( I know some of you do not approve of their captivity, but they are very happy with their trainers and the pool is very clean) Matti and Luke had a ball! We had a private swim with them. The last pictures of the dolphins, they are pushing us across the water, 2 dolphins, 1 on each foot.

Beccofinos for lunch, normally I do not like ati-pasta, the saute on it was so good I asked for some for my noodles and again the kids loved the noodles in butter saute. After lunch, going to find a cab, this is were we found our wonderful cab driver that would take us places the rest of the week, Carlos #126. Went to water park for an hour, just enough time for the 2 main slides, they had fun. Blue slide good for me, purple slide way to fast, though twins and Matt loved it. Tamales Y Any for dinner and a show, bummer, off season, no more 8pm show, food was good, best tortillas soup I had in Zihua, but if I would have known no show I would have gone to Ricks bar, the kids really needed a chicken nugget and french frie fix.

Day 5

Carlos picked us up today to head to Barra de Potosi, visited with Laura and Matti and Luke gave her books and school supplies. Had wonderful conversation and tour of her beautiful and quaint place. Then headed to Transcones to check out properties that Americans can buy. Ocean to strong for kids. Had lunch at Red Snapper, great! Had a pool for the kids to play in. Back to Villa for fish tacos for me and pork chops for Matt and twins, they loved them.

I'm having trouble finding a good, not fried, fish taco, I like flour tortillas.

Day 6

Beach crowded, headed towards Patys for the day. Best guacamole yet, other than our cook, Ofelias. Went parasailing twice, once with each child, they loved it.

Ate lunch then headed back to Villa, I napped while kids swam with Dad. Dinner date at La Gula with my son.

Matt and Matti to tired, boy did they miss out!!!!! Luke had (of course) noodles w/ butter, I had the salmon, shrimp with a wonderful white wine saute. Food was wonderful and a beautiful presentation! We were the only ones there. This is A MUST GO!! No view, up on 2nd level and beautifully decorated. Please go to keep them busy, it's WORTH IT! You'll thank me for this later. And I thank all of you who recommended it to me, this was by far my best meal! Jose our waiter is very attentive and needs your business to stay working there.

Day 7

Sunday, crowded at the beach so we stayed at the Villa all morning, we had a visit from a frog swimming in the pool, he actually liked playing with my son. Around noon we all were hungry, so we headed to Emilios for pizza, they were so excited. Pizza and cheese bread, melts in your mouth, mucho bien! Brought Lasagne home for dinner.

Day 8

Today, May 1, May Day is our 12th Anniversary. Carlos picked up up and we headed into Ixtapa to tour some resorts.

Ixtapa is beautiful, hopefully coming back in February. 1st we stopped at the Melia Azul, WOW! Very nice, this might be it. Calm beach, just across from Ixtapa Island. Lunch at Beccofino again, Yum! Then toured the Dorado and Barcelo, these are both nice too and right in town. Dinner at Kau Kan, I had the lobster stuffed baked potato, not what you would think as stuffed, it's a little potato with lobster sticking out the top and lots of great tasting shrimp piled in front of it. My kind of potato! Matt had lamb chops and kids had baby chicken, they wanted his lamb chops more. Daughter loved the ceaser salad and both like the appetizer, mini rolled hard taco. This restraunt is recommended not to take children, they didn't make concessions. (We would have loved to have a babysitter a couple of times but the only people we could get did not speak any English and we did not feel comfortable leaving them for a couple hours with no communication, along with no way to call if an emerga ncy occured.)

Day 9

Again, our favorite driver Carlos, taxi 126, picked us up and headed for Ixtapa Island. (He had told his wife about us, about the friends he made, so his wife gave him a pair of 14k earrings for my daughter.) He is such a nice guy.

We hooked up with Hector at the pier to Isla Ixtapa and he took us to go scuba diving. An Umbrella in the boat for the kids and down we go. To dark for me, so up I came. Got back in boat and headed back to shore, let the twins play in water and we headed back down from the beach, much nicer. On our way back, I ran to my Matti and Luke and asked them to run, get their masks and the camera, our dive guide brought back some star fish and a blow fish to let them hold, that was worth the whole thing!

Then after lunch at Lil Cipriani, we headed off the Island, stopped at Subway, then headed to La Cala so Matti and Luke and Enmas girls could play together , took about 45 mins for them to warm up since they couldn't talk back and fourth, then they played the opposite of leap frog in the pool, they dove between legs, they started having fun, then Enmas daughter brought out pancakes and caramel sause, they all liked that, then finally had a fun game of jumping, they all could count in English and Spanish. 1,2,3,4,5, JUMP! Headed out to the pier for skating, bike riding and running. They were sad when it ended. We headed back for our last dinner of Enchiladas.

Day 10

Today we are packing and getting ready to leave. Carlos picked us up to take us to the airport. He gave us all hugs.

We had such a great time here and can't wait for a return. Sorry this was so long, I kept a journal every day and wanted to share with you. Thankyou all for your help with all the questions on this site. It would not have been as great of a trip with out you.

Hope you enjoy the photos , there are a lot. Here is my link to go to to see all the photos from our trip, you can select slide show and speed fast, it is about 6-8 mins, and I have put a brief discr1ption below each picture.


PS. Fell down on the stairs on the 1st day, from getting out of the pool running up stairs then, back down, hit the wet step, feet when up in the air and skipped down 3 stairs on my butt. Went to Dr. when I got back at home, BROKE IT. I didn't let it stop me though, It was just my excuse for more margaritas and cervesas!!!!!! Actually still using it, went to mexican today looking for my fish tacos, didn't find them, but that crave of a margarita came, so I satisfied it.

Debbie from Oregon City, Oregon

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