Really Long &Late Trip Report Pt2 Days 5-7

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Escrito por Froggie & Tortuga desde ( el día domingo, 14 de mayo, 2006 a las 18:55:03 horas :

Winding down a busy weekend at home on Sun. afternoon, thought I ought to finish our trip report.

Day 5 - Woke up later Thurs. morning & Tortuga was already at La Madera riding the wavws. We relaxed all day, had breakfast at Casa Cafe, another capuccino, "just like home". Did some shopping at Commercial Mexicana, got stuff for our nitefishing trip with Amado. Talked with some "locals" around the pool. Turns out their mom used to live across the road from where we live in Sonora. Our neighbor was a really good friend of hers, they went to Stanford together. Small world we live in. Later, we walked into town, had a gelato on the way to the pier to meet Capt. Amado. What a beautiful experience we had on the full moon. A sunset that took our breath away, I got several great photos. Meeting Amado & spending the evening with him hunting for barracuda, listening & telling stories, watching the moonrise & the phosphorus on the was truly a memorable evening, even tho we didn't catch any 'cuda. Conditions weren't right yet...we will definitiely try that with him again!!

Day 6 - Had a late breakfast at MJ & Ritchies & we played in the ocean for awhile. This trip we spent a lot more time just lazing around. Later, back into El Centro to buy some gifts for Tortuga's students.

Day 7 - Had breakfast at the condo with the capaccino's that Tortuga picked up from Casa Cafe to go. Spent a lot of time by the pool, reading, relaxing, sad to be leaving today. Tortuga woke up this morning with some "sun sickness", so he stayed in the shade today.Later, we caught a taxi right outside our condo & went to the airport. Got there really early, had to wait awhile before the line opened to search & check our luggage. Hung around the airport for awhile, waiting for our flight. Standing in line ready to board the plane, I looked up & noticed a teacher that I work with & his family. They had been here all week & didn't even know it. Turns out they went out fishin with Capt. Amado on Friday morning after our Thurs. evening trip with him. Had a pretty uneventful flight back to SFO, immigration & customs were quick.

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