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Escrito por El Atún Grande desde ( el día jueves, 21 de abril, 2005 a las 23:09:10 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Nacional Parque at Uruapan escrito por stew desde ( el día jueves, 21 de abril, 2005 a las 12:49:26 horas :

Since I am now living in Uruapan as well as Zihua I will add my two cents worth.

I think it is well worth the trip. There are actually three parques in the city, the largest is the one Stew so graciously has posted photos of. The other two are on the same side of town but further down. Fifteen minutes Northwest of town you have one of the youngest volcanoes in the world, as well as the ruins that Stew described Fifteen minutes in the other direction. The central plaza is a great place to sit during the morning or evening to people watch or just relax. The drier, cooler air is also a welcome change from the humidity of the coast.

If there is more than one of you and you are doing a one or two day trip, I suggest you rent a car and drive.

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