Trip Report Day 1

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Escrito por Chris desde ( el día jueves, 18 de mayo, 2006 a las 16:42:03 horas :

4/24 Stuck Mexico City
Ok here we go, start our day with a wedding guest stuck in Austin after missing his 6am flight the day prior so I was up at 4am. We start moving again around 6am so we are on time to make our 8:30 flight to start the honeymoon. We arrive at the airport packed for 2 weeks with just carry on luggage. Check in and find Dan our friend stuck at the airport still. After getting him check in to the Admirals club and the nice lady helping him there (as best that she can), we settle in for since nice conversation with my parents and Dan. We were the first to leave and we take off to our nice first class seat and we are on our way to Dallas. When we arrive in Dallas walk to the Duty free and procure Blantonís Bourbon, hummmmmm I love bourbon. We check into the Admirals club and get guest passes for my parents arriving in the other terminal. Rest and order and sandwich, 45 min prior to take off we go to our gate, to start the waiting game. We are so glad we did not check bags. So our flight leaves an hour and twenty minuets late. We have a hour and fourty min lay over in Mexico City. Once again I am glad we did not check bags, and now we are sitting in first class. We arrive 1 hour late in Mexico city, raced to immigration get our visaís and passports stamped. We skipped customs and press on to the x-ray machine to the national terminal. We arrive 10 min prior to departure and find out that our plane left early. This is ok since there is one more flight to Zihu and I was not worried. Mexicana gate agents said they could not help us since American ticketed the flight so we hiked back to the AA counter they then book us on the next flight. We go back to Mexicana and now we get sent to the Aeromexico counter were they tell us we are not confirmed and on the stand by list for the flight and there is only one seat. This is not good at this point, so now I start looking at other options, Taxi cab to Zihu from Mexico City was $750USD, there was a not a bus from the Airport and I was not going to the centro bus station to find one. After we found out we did not make the flight we head to the AA counter again another big hike. The counter is closed and we are refered to the office. There they are not happy we did not make the flight since they confirmed us on the flight. So while we are there I figured out I had booked a boat to fish the next day and we had friends who we were to have dinner with. I talked about getting a rental car and driving to Zihu but that idea was short lived. So American was a stand up company when we told them we were on our honeymoon the service stood up another notch. They call our friends and let them know we were not going to make it, and tried the charter guy but all I had was a fax and that was not working. So the bottom line they put us up in nice hotel on the zocalo and gave us vouchers for 3 meals and paid the taxi fares for us. Not bad considering we paid $122 for 2 tickets in first class.

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