Day 3 Trip Report

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Escrito por Chris desde ( el día viernes, 19 de mayo, 2006 a las 14:16:58 horas :

4/26 Fishing and Time to change hotels
So tired and dragging a$$ @ 6am I head to the front desk to hail a cab and find my fishing partner. So quick cab ride to the ATM, grab beer and tortas we were off to fish. Off with Arturo and Jose his young first mate, we have bait and its time to fish, well for 2 hrs we cruised and then it struck we were to the back of the boat in a quick 2 seconds. All to find out we caught a mackerel. Then we cruised for another couple of hours with no luck. End up in a line of boats catching nothing for a while. At 2pm we tell the Capitan to pull the line we were done with fishing. There were a lot of boats with no fish.
Hot tired and drunk from the case of beer we drank on the ocean with no water it was time for tacos. We walked back towards the hotel and found a place to eat with slow service had some more beer. After eating we crossed paths with the ladies, we went back to the hotel and hailed a cab to take us to the next hotel Las Palmas.
The cab driver did not know where the hotel was so we had a 1.5 hr drive that should have taken 30-45 min. That said we arrive and check in. First impression I am never leaving.
After checking I needed an ice cold shower to cool down. From there we moved to the Bar at Las Palmas. It was wonderful, we played with the dogs, walked the ocean was a wonderful time. Dinner was dorado and was so good. I wish I had caught it. We had after dinner drinks by the pool. We were so tired we were in bed by 10pm.

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