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Escrito por anderson245 desde ( el día lunes, 29 de mayo, 2006 a las 00:18:02 horas :

My husband and I recently returned from our first trip to Zihua. It was meant to be a relaxing, take a break from work and the kids, trip and thats exactly what it was. We flew in on a red eye and arrived at 11 a.m. on a Thursday. we walked right outside the doors of the airport and got a taxi to the Hotel Catalina for $29 dollars. We were surprised that there was no cambio in the airport but there was an ATM where we could get pesos.

We arrived at the Catalina to find that they had placed us in the exact room that I requested not to have when we booked the hotel. We wanted the newer linda vista suites, anyone except #49. The reason we didn't want this was because of a previous complaint on this forum, someone who had their room (#49) broken in to. They said in thier post that they felt is was do to the fact that it was the last room, at the edge of the hill, where someone could easily climb onto the balcony and easily get in the sliding glass doors with their poor locks. We immediately asked for another room and they said they could not accomodate us until the next day. They told us to pack our bags in the a.m. and go about our day, and when we got back all our stuff would be moved to the new room. We returned at 5 p.m. to find all our stuff still packed and sitting in the same room #49, however, it had been cleaned. We went to get the key and moved the things ourselves. No big deal. The new room was #47 and it was fine except the safe was broken and we had no where to store our valuables. The locks on the doors are also inadequate since there is no dead bolt. My husband had no problem getting in from the outside without even using a key.

Now for the positives about the Catalina. Would I stay here again? yes. The Linda Vista suites are very nice, we especially loved the beautiful balconys with the awsome view. We did use the air conditioner frequently and it worked great. The staff is very friendly and courteous, the sunset bar is beautiful. We went to the sunset bar every evening for 2 for 1 drinks. the pool is nice and very refreshing as well. I don't, however, recommend this hotel for elderly or someone in poor health. My husband and I are in our 30's we exercise 5 days a week and even the stairs for us were quite a work out. I think I counted approx 290 steps from the top where the lobby is all the way down to the beach.

The first day we walked along La Ropa beach and stopped for lunch at Pattys. We both had fish tacos and margaritas which I would say were just okay. But the setting on the sand in front of the water is wonderful. Dinner was at Tamales Y Any's and the green chicken pazole was to die for. This was probably my favorite meal, especially for the price. For 2 orders of pazole, chips salsa, 2 margaritas, and 4 beers, our bill was only $22. Jose was wonderful and came to our table and explained all the things that came with the pazole and how to eat it.

Day 2 was breakfast at Bananas in town. We both had "Chiliquillas", OJ and coffee for 2 and the bill was only $12, and it was good but not excellent. We then head to Las Gatas beach and due to all the recommendations from this board we went straight to Otillas restaraunt in search of the famous franco and his famous pina coladas. I have a couple of warnings for anyone going here. Number 1, dont just ask for a pina colada. If you dont specify you want it in a cup it comes out in a very pretty pinapple but it also cost you $10 a piece. In a cup they are $5. If you forget your towels they graciously offer you one but you don't find out until later that they are $3 a piece to rent. The last warning is to total up your own bill and keep track what things cost. Franco was extremely friendly, courteous, entertaining, etc but when he brought the bill we were very dissapointed that he added $20 to the total (no this was not the tip). It was obvious he knew it was incorrect because he stood over my shoulder the whole time rather than handing me the bill and coming back later. When I pointed out that it was $20 over he didnt dispute it one bit. He just said "write down what it is and pay me that." We were also disappointed in the food. We had the special which was lobster tacos. They were very salty and buttery, and ceviche. The pina coladas were out of this world. Dinner on day 2 was at Banditos. At first we were hesitant and almost left because it looked too American and it was packed with just gringo's. We were too tired to do any more walking around in search of restaraunts so we stayed. We had an excellent meal here. We both had the skirt steak which was very tender and flavorful. We also had one of the best drinks here and it was called "sex on the beach". It tasted like a jolly rancher. they also had live music here starting at 9:30 p.m.

Day 3 breakfast was at Daniels. My husband had the waffles which were very small and looked like they came out of the freezer, and I had the eggs mexicana, we had 2 orders of OJ and 2 coffees all for 136 pesos. the meal was okay. Mid morning we stopped for an iced coffee at cafe Anatoma. This is a nice cool spot in the shad to take a rest and have a cold drink. Lunch was at Lillies at the end of the pier. We were in search of some good fish tacos but they said they were out. We had the chicken instead. It came with just plain chicken rolled in a flour tortilla, nothing else in it. it did hava salsa and guac on the side. 2 taco plates, 1 beer and 1 bottled H2O was $9.50. Dinner was at Caprichios and it was fabulous. The setting is beautiful and relaxing, the food was wonderful and the wait staff and owner, Joacquin, were most accomodating. I left my cell phone in the cab and both the waiter and Joacquin did everything they could to help us get it back. I had the fettacini with shrimp which was outstanding and my husband had Mahi Mahi which was also wonderful. We had an appitizer which was tacquitos with skirt stake and shrimp and one Margarita. The bill came to $45 and was well worth it.

Day 4 was breakfast at Patty's on La Ropa. We both had the Chorizo with scrambled eggs. This was by far our best breakfast! Lunch was just an appetizer of ceviche at the Catalina which was okay, however, the pina coladas were very good. Dinner was at Kua Kan. This was one of the best dinning experiences we had here. The setting is absoulutely gorgeous. We got there at 7 p.m. so we could have drinks and watch the sun set. We had shared an appitizer which was some type of grilled mango salad with shrimp and it was outstanding. I had red snapper as my entree and it was also outstanding. My husband had the Ahi and it was a little over cooked but he still liked it. We shared a wonderful dessert and also enjoyed a bottle of wine from chile. The wine was approx $32 and the total bill came to $120. It was worth it.

Day 5 was breakfast at ecomomica Susys in town. This was by far the worst breakfast and I would not recommend it. I dont remember where we had lunch but for dinner we returned to Tamales Any. The green chicken enchaladas were awesome.

Day 6 was a quick breakfast again at Patty's then home.

Like I said it was a relaxing trip so we didnt do any site seeing beyond Zihua. We read a lot of books, got great tans, and a lot of rest. To sum it up Our best meal for both value and taste would be Tamales Any hands down. I would definetly recommend Banditos, Caprichios, and Kua Kan as well for dinner, and Patty's for breakfast. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed our trip!!

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