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En respuesta a: driving from Zihua to San miguel de allende.. escrito por david desde ( el día sábado, 03 de junio, 2006 a las 19:03:41 horas :

Without looking at a map, off hand if you go the Morelia route you are looking at about 8 to 8.5 hours for the trip. That is about 4 hours to Morelia, 30 minutes crossing Morelia, and about 3.5 to 4 hours from Morelia to San Miguel de Allende.

There is A LOT of slow traffic from Morelia to San Miguel de Allende, and expect to get lost in Celaya. When I did Morelia to San Miguel on my motorcycle last summer I went straight through Celaya, right through the core of town in busy traffic, but made it out the other side ok. But when I did this trip with my mom and girlfriend in March I was told of a by pass around Celaya. The only problem is the start of the bypass is marked, but the last turn to go north from the bypass going east north of the city isnt marked at all. We ended up driving around the entire city and when I got back to where we started, I ended up going the way I had gone on my bike, more or less. I realized where we had gone wrong (by continuing straight instead of turning) when we went past that intersection later. Celaya is a terrible city to have to navigate. Other family members and I have gotten turned around there on various occaisions. I used to think Morelia - Celaya was the worst highway in Mexico but they've fixed it up a bit now, and I think Poza Rica-Tulancingo (Mexico City) takes that title.

Anyway, if you have any more specific question I will try to help. I don't think going up to Colima is a better option since the Michoacan coast takes quite a while. The only other option would be if there was a short cut from Uruapan, but then you'd be driving way out in the boonies, so Zihua-Morelia-Celaya is probably your best bet.

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