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Escrito por BBQJones desde ( el día martes, 06 de junio, 2006 a las 00:53:57 horas :

En respuesta a: La Quinta de Don Andres escrito por Jenni desde ( el día lunes, 05 de junio, 2006 a las 20:51:59 horas :

I was there last week.

Initially I only booked for two days because I wasn't sure what I would be walking into. I ended up staying there 7 nights.

Ed is right. Get one with the front view. Or better yet- I was on the top floor...fantastic. It was close to 1000 square feet (2 to 3 times larger thatn the others) with open kitchen and sitting area under roof adjoining a huge terrazza open to the the sky, and an enclosed air conditioned bedroom and bath.

The room was clean, the view was perfect,the walk to the beach was short and the staff was great. I'll be back...but I'm afraid that the top floor has spoiled me.

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