opinions doctors of Zihua ?

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Escrito por scott desde (1Cust152.tnt9.bos10.da.uu.net) el día viernes, 09 de junio, 2006 a las 10:54:41 horas :

My wife and I will be retiring and spending a year
renting and looking for real estate to purchase in
Z. Last month I spent 2 weeks in zihua and some of the locals I was speaking with were sharing there concerns
about lack of good doctors in Zihua saying they had spent
more times in the Iglesia going to funerals than they have cared to due to young and older people passing away when
they felt their particular cases should have been able to
be remedied. Rob or any local residents aside from evacuation insurance to mexico city or the U.S. what is your opinion on this matter? If god forbid anyone should become seriously Ill. We are in good health but just curious
Thanks for your opinions to Rob all Zihua residents

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