April Trip Report

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Escrito por Angi in MN desde (65-73-80-99.dsl1.mnd.mn.frontiernet.net) el día domingo, 24 de abril, 2005 a las 13:36:50 horas :

Jim (my boyfriend) and I were in Zihuatanejo for our first time April 9 - 16. Jim didn’t know where we were going until the night before we left. Although one of his guesses was Zihua since we’d talked about it before, he didn’t realize there was an airport there....so he thought we had to fly to Acapulco and take a four to five hour bus ride to Zihua (basically taking a whole day to get there)...and his vision of the bus we’d be taking was an older brightly painted school bus with live chickens on it. He was excited to hear we were going to Zihua and that we could fly directly there! We had the most amazing trip ever, and for that I thank the people on the message boards for all the great information. I really felt as though I loved Zihua before I even got there.

Our direct flight down from MSP and getting through customs went fine. The taxi dropped us off at our hotel, the Villa Mexicana. From then on we called it "home". We had a great room right in the front.....it was absolutely perfect! The rooms on the second level would be good too, just because of not having to make sure the curtain was closed when people walked by if we were in the room. It wasn't an issue for me because we were hardly ever in the room and I liked that it was easy to get to when we did need to run in to get something. The first thing we did was have fish tacos and drinks at Patty’s (next to the VM), then walked the beach a few times....it’s so beautiful! Later we went into town to see what was there. We were a little overwhelmed about where to eat since we’d just gotten down there, so decided on Don Memo's (next to Angela's Hostel). Great place and food, but we laughed about having Italian our first night in Mexico. The only other people eating there were from the message board. They were fun to talk to and gave us some good info. Too funny to run into someone from a message board on our first night!

Sunday we took a taxi to the Commercial Mexicana to get a cooler, ice, bread, cheese, liquor, fruit, juice, cups, napkins and a knife. It was nice to have some snacks and drinks available without eating out every time. We walked into town on Sunday afternoon...checked out the shops and basketball court. I think we tried food from every vendor there! It was awesome! There was music for the end of the guitar festival, so we listened to some of that and then took a taxi back to the hotel. We wanted to stay later but knew we had our fishing trip the next day so needed to get to bed early. We sat outside at the hotel for a little while and ended up talking to a couple more people from a message board. Early to bed Sunday night.

Monday we got up and were in town by 6:10. We found our fishing captain, bought some sandwiches for ourselves, the captain and his mate and headed out. The pier at dark was so neat...all the people around, cats ready to pounce on the fish laid out....I loved it. I gave him the tags I had brought down. We caught a few fish on the way out (he said it was "practice")....then they changed to the sailfish poles and bait. It was just getting light out and we were getting farther out when my stomach started feeling kind of icky. I went to get my little bag of dramamine, advil, etc. and realized I’d left it in the taxi on the way into town...so much for that idea! We'd bought two sandwiches each, so I ate one of those hoping that would help. I think it was a combination of being out on the water in the fairly small boat, getting up early and being tired (and maybe the dry Mexican brand Fruitloops I ate...lol). I ended up taking a nap (on and off) sitting up on the boat...kind of hard to do, but I sure felt better afterwards. The captain and his mate worked at getting us fish. They changed the bait three times and talked to the other boats in the area. It was almost noon when we were going to have our second sandwich, but right then we got a sailfish bite!! Our lunch got thrown aside while Jim took the seat and started working on getting the fish....he was so excited! Our captain took a few pictures for us with my camera. They tagged the fish and then he told me to be ready to take a quick picture when he got it into the boat....got one, then he released it back into the water. Then they filled out the card to record the tag and release....pretty neat experience! He said he wanted to try for another one so I could have a chance but it didn't happen...that's okay, because it had already been a great day (other than my tummy!). Jim is used to fishing too, so said he'd have understood even if we hadn't gotten a sailfish....that's just how fishing goes sometimes. We were back at the pier at 2:00, paid him the $170 for the balance of the trip charge (after our $20 deposit), a $30 US tip, and gave his mate $200 MN. We weren’t sure how much to tip...hope they felt that was okay. We spent the rest of the day at the hotel and beach.

Tuesday we went to Playa Las Gatas and went snorkeling. I'd never done it before so took a little getting used to. We ate lunch (I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but Gus took good care of us) and snorkeled again.....and enjoyed the beach and sun. That night we went to the Blue Mamou for ribs and blues.....loved it! We bought a couple t-shirts and had our picture taken with Jimmy Mamou.

Wednesday that we went into Ixtapa. I called Lucio, the cab driver and he picked us up. I guess the taxi stand by our hotel didn't like that he came to pick us up....we were supposed to use them...our driver said it was okay because we were friends. After a little talking they said since we were his friends he was going to give us a ride to Ixtapa for free. We said sure, but still planned on giving him the full fare plus tip when we got there. We’d given Lucio some bags of clothes to use for his family or anyone he thought could use them when he picked us up, but I don't think he understand we were giving him the clothes. He put them in the trunk and when we got to the market in Ixtapa he went to get them out....I think he maybe thought we were going to sell them there?? Anyway, we tried to pay him but he wouldn't take any money....then we felt bad, but weren't sure how much we should push it as we didn't want to insult him either. When he was going to give us our bags we told him again they were for him and his family or friends....he looked surprised and very happy and thanked us over and over....but we still felt guilty about him not accepting money. He had stopped to show us a big fancy house along the road, and at the Las Brisas so we could see the view and have our picture taken....he did the whole tour guide thing and didn't get any money. We spent a little time in the market, bought a couple things...then headed to the beach. We walked down to Carlos and Charlie's and had an appetizer and a beer, then took a taxi back "home". We had planned on having dinner on the beach somewhere and staying later into the night, but just didn't see any point since we really wanted to be back on our beach. We ate dinner at Linda Vista, the restaurant at the Catalina Beach Resort. The view from the Sunset Bar area was beautiful, but we headed up a few more steps to the restaurant. We split a combination plate of shrimp, steak and fish....an excellent meal with service to match.

Thursday was spent at the hotel, enjoying the beach, people and my book. Our first day of just relaxing. We had chips and guac at La Perla....very yummy. We both had massages at the hotel massage tent. They were wonderful and we scheduled ourselves for another one the next day. We went back to the Blue Mamou that night with a gal staying at the hotel that was traveling alone...another fun night of great food and music.

Friday was our last day for shopping in town. We asked the taxi driver to drop us off at Coconuts since we hadn't eaten there yet, but it was 11:00 and they weren't open yet....so we went to Tamales "Any" and I tried the pozole. Jim bought a Mexican sink for his bar he's building and some handblown glasses that match his set at home. I bought some t-shirts for my boys and my nephew. Then back to the hotel to hang out for the rest of the day, have our massages, and get ready for our last night in Zihua. We didn't want any place fancy, just alot of seafood. We ended up at Rossy's almost at the end of the beach. All week we noticed a lot of locals eating and socializing there, so figured it must be good. We sat upstairs so had a great view. We asked if we could get a big platter of grilled seafood, and that's exactly what we got. Grilled garlic shrimp, lobster, fish, and breaded oysters. It was sooooo good!!! It took up most of our table. We finished our meal with banana flambe with banana ice cream......yum!!

Saturday we got up and packed, then ate breakfast (most of our breakfasts were at the restaurant right at the hotel, Dona Prudencia...the food was very good). That morning Jim tried the Huitlacoche crepes, not knowing for sure what they were....I told him they were probably some kind of fruit crepes. The waiter said “black corn” which made me think the crepes were black, like black tortilla chips. The crepes were normal, but inside was black, slimy, bulbus stuff....we tasted it but it didn’t have much flavor. Jim kept eating while we talked about what it might be...he said he’d heard the term before but couldn’t remember what it was. Then he remembered that it’s corn smut. He was about two-thirds done and decided not to eat any more. Very funny...for me anyway! We walked the beach one last time and I got in as much sun time as I could before we had to leave for the airport. Our flight back went fine, and everything with customs/immigration went okay. No problems with my birth certificate and driver's license, but decided to get a passport soon so I didn't have to worry about it next time, especially with the new regulations recently brought to my attention.

This was the most perfect trip ever! Zihua definitely touched us. All I've been able to do this week is think about going back.....

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