Ricardo Rodriguez/Kaukan

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Escrito por gerri tomitz desde (ool-182e3762.dyn.optonline.net) el día martes, 18 de julio, 2006 a las 09:40:53 horas :

Hola Ricardo, I want to take this opportunity to thank
you for having such a beautiful resort where I enjoyed peace & serenity that I never found any place else.
Much of that had to do with your staff, of which
Antonio was a huge part. The care & kindness with
which he treated all the guests was greatly appreciated
by everybody. He certainly made my stay very special
and he is one of the reasons I would return to Casa
Kaukan. Also I enjoyed Mario & Alfredo, who were
extremely caring and funny. I certainly hope that any
changes you make will only help to preserve the
feeling of being at home in a most beautiful part of
the world. Thank again to you and your staff for treating me with such care. I look forward to seeing
Antonio and the rest of the staff again.
Sincerely, Gerri Tomitz (madame)

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