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Well, here goes. Sometimes when I go to Zihua I am on vacation and sometimes I am just there. Those of you who know me sort of know what I mean. Since we have a house there sometimes it is just coming home and not vacation time. But this time was different. Vacation for a week with our Godsons.

We left for the airport and just had one more little stop to make. It was to Wal-mart to pick up a special ordered for our Godsons. Since we were spending July 4th in Zihuatanejo we wanted to do something a little special. I bought some of those little poppers from Wal-mart. They are little pull string things that puff paper all over the place when you pull the string. Fire works in Anchorage are not legal so I had no problems OR SO I THOUGHT. We checked in to Alaska Airlines early as we were spending the night in LA and so we knew we would have a fairly easy day. About 30 minutes after we checked in and had gone through security I had a call to come to the oversized baggage area. Paul stayed with the carry on luggage and away I went to the proper spot. I was met with a TSA agent and an Anchorage Policeman. In the TSA agents hand were some of my poppers. I was taken down to the TSA office: and they ran my drivers license for warrants. Lucky for me I am not on the list of bad guys. Then of my own accord I asked if that was all they found in my bags? I alerted them that there was some in another bag. They said that was not what they searched my bag for so the others went through no problems. When I got back to Paul he was just shaking his head at me. 45 minutes later I was on the intercom again. They had brought all my bags back and wanted me to go through them and remove any other poppers. That way they would not have to do any more paperwork. I took the poppers out and made a little girls day by giving her all of them. She had just arrived on a plane and was spending a week in Alaska. They assured me I am not on a WATCH list. Well that was just in the first two hours on our vacation trip.

We got to LA. Spent the night at the Airport Hilton and had no other problems. Got up and caught our plane to Zihua. No intercom announcements with my name. Yeah!

When we got to Zihuatanejo our Godson, Mitchell, and his parents, John and Lisa, had already arrived. They live in New Jersey and this was their second trip to Zihuatanejo. Mitchell was there when he was 4 and he is now 15. And 4 is the age of our other Godson, Julian. Julian lives in Zihuatanejo below our house with his parents Julio and Osiria and his sister, Valeria, and little brother, Emiliano. For the first day things were a little complicated as Julian had that old green eyed thing going. He knew about Mitchell but he was a little bent out of shape that he was staying at our house. We were HIS Godparents and who was this other guy. He asked me that several times. Mitchell being a great kid spent a little time with Julian and they became friends. Jealousy gone.

We arrived in Zihua about 4:30 in the afternoon and by the time we got home and hugs all around it was time for a put your feet in the sand dinner on the beach. Not that it is my favorite spot but we ate our first dinner at Daniels. Mitchell, John, and I had fish, shrimp, and chicken tacos Paul did the chile rellano and Lisa loves Red Snapper. We all thought the food was ok but not anything special. Prices were not bad so the first night was a hit.

Sunday morning took us to Bananas for breakfast. They have a really good economical breakfast (normal bacon and eggs sort of thing with fruit or juice and toast) and all the other breakfast kind of things. What we like best there is the pricies and they have good waiters, clean kitchen, and people we have known for lots of years. From there we headed for La Barra. Mitchell had never been swimming in the ocean that he remembered so he was excited and Julian was just the little guy to show him what was up. They were in the water with the boogie boards almost from the moment we got there. We knew that they could not sell alcohol since it was the day for the Presidential election. SO I just took my own bottle of tequila and they set us up for the mix for as long as we wanted. We ate more shrimp tacos, fried shrimp, another Red Snapper and thought our food there was better than we had had the night before. And when we paid the bill they would not charge us for the set ups we had to add our tequila to. We put this down as a great day.

Monday morning we did not have time for breakfast other than grabbing something at home. We were going fishing. Another first for Mitchell. We fished with Adam on the Gitana 2. Paul and I have fished with him before so we figured we would have a good day. We also knew that he was a "catch and release" captain and that was good for us. In the first hour Mitchell had caught a little bonito and he was really happy. That was the first fish he had ever caught. Thought he was a stud reeling that in and we all had our pictures and videos of him doing his thing. He is quite the antimated young guy. When three or so hours had gone by with nothing on Mitchell was getting sort of tired of the whole thing. Not good at fishing. Then all of a sudden we had one on. Not for long as the sail threw the hood. Darn! What a hang dog look from everyone. The captain said things were not looking good as when you do not hook one that could be your last chance. He no longer had the sound from his mouth when we had another fish on. And it was not a sail. We had hooked a MARLIN. Mitchell was only in the fighting chair for about 8 minutes or so when he began the whine. Help me! I can't do this anymore! This is too hard! Help me, Dad! John was not too upset with this so he was happy to start the reeling. After 20 minutes or so John was almost in the same whine as Mitchell. Not really, but he was tired and the old Godfather was happy to help out. Paul has been fishing in Zihuatanejo for 18 years and this was the first time he had the chance to reel on a Marlin. We were all so excited and happy for all the guys. I was doing the video thing and had some really good footage of the marlin jumping and the guys working hard to get him under control. You can all probably visualize what happened next. The fish took all the line running as far as he could. Then he turned and ran for the boat. Paul could not reel fast enough and the boat could not motor fast enough and that probably 200 lb marlin threw the hook. Silence is not even the the sound of us on the boat. Is there such a thing as minus silence. Mitchell was just as happy with having the fish on for that amount of time as he would have been if we had gotten the fish up to the boat. His idea was if we were only catching and releasing he was good with what happened. Godfather on the other hand was not quite as thrilled. But to go out on the ocean for the first time with your Godson and have a marlin on the hook is quite the day.

We had taken sandwiches for lunch for us and the boat captain, but we were hungry when nite time came. We went to La Mordida with both Godson families and ate chicken, pizza, baked potatoes, hamburgers with fries and all the soda we could drink. We are a wild bunch. The food was really good, but our waitress just could not keep up with 10 people ordering. Also we had three languages at the tables so she was a little confused. English, Spanish and Chinese. How could she deal?

1st installment - More to follow.

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