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From Secretaría de Educación Pública

F i r s t G r a d e

A notebook of large grid, 100 leaves
A notebook of lines, 100 leaves
A notebook of 50 white leaves
A pencil of number 2, a two-color pencil and a rubber to erase
A box of six pencils of colors of wood or one box of six wax crayons
A liquid glue or a sticky pencil, both nontoxic
A plastic rule (30cm), a pencil sharpener and blunt end scissors
Different types of paper (bond, fine cardboard, Chinese, luster, et cetera)
A pad of white sheets of paper or a package of 100 white paper (copy paper)
A modeling clay bar
A calculator with the four basic operations (add, subtract, multiplication and division)

Older primary kids need; a diccionario escolar (all Spanish), a compass, protractor, more small grid graph paper, sets of 12 colored pencils (wood) or crayons

Here's the whole list

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