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Escrito por gloria from green bay desde ( el día miércoles, 27 de abril, 2005 a las 10:14:46 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: anyone else been to the presidente lately? escrito por IluvZ/I desde ( el día miércoles, 27 de abril, 2005 a las 07:42:16 horas :

I am confused. YOu said you stayed there in april also. Is it because we went in the off season? We did not have a choice of places for breakfast, lunch, just dinner. Our party was 3 adults and 3 children. This was our second time here and we could not wait to get back. During breakfast was the only time we could get fruit, unless we ordered room service for a fruit plate for $2.50. Yes we had a cook to make omlettes, but the line was so long you had to wait 10 minutes or more for your food. We could not eat outside like we use to. Our snack bar consited of being oopen from 1:00 to 4:00 with only hamburgars, hotdogs, and nachos, and we has to wait to be seated, or stand in a line by the pool bar. the mexican fiesta which is on saturdays outide by the drive up had a nice show, but the food was not as plentiful as it was last time. NO ICECREAM unless you ordered room service again for $2.50. The karaoke nite (sunday) was 9 songs long and then turning to disco. There was no dance lessons, and games like last time i was there. No huge BBQ on the beach where you meet people and the food that was fantastic. (prime rib, roast pig, steak, and seafood.) The entertainment consisted of bingo, water arobics, and volleyball on the beach. The food quality and the way it was displayed was horrible. WIth a choice of only one restaurant to eat in at a time there was hours when i was hungry and nothing was open unless you wanted room service again $2.50. I was there 4 years ago and it was the most fantastic place to eat, food all the time. eating outside, the snack bar had great food. w/ pizza, hamburgars, hot dogs, chicken tenders, tacos, and a ice cream buffet. This place has defintly went downhill. BUT the rooms were still clean, yes there were NO bugs. I was e-mailing back and forth with the reservation assistant manager before i went to make sure we had adjoining rooms , nonsmoking, and a crib. i was told everything was in the system for us. When we got there they did not even have a room for us. I was told that nothing was put in the system. So we endend up on the 5th floor way down the hallway. had to wait 4 hours for a crib, and there were ashtrays in the room. The manager did not work on weekends. Yes she tried to help me out when i finally got to talk to her, she was going to upgrade us to ocean view rooms, but looking at them the tower rooms were larger and nicer. The people that work there were great!!! jesus is a great person always would bring me by non-alcholic margaritta when he saw me. The maid went out of her way to clean our rooms. I gave her coloring books and colors and candy for her children. The people that work there did there job 110%, but looking at the whole picture, the food was horrible, the entertainment nil, the whole experience was awful, I will never stay there again nor will i refer it to anyone else. I have been many places, and could not wait to get back, and i was so disappointed. Like i said maybe it was because it is now the "off season" i do not know. We did see many mexican families taking there vacations at this time, Busloads were coming in on the friday before we left. And then you waitied 20 minutes for a omlette, plus you had to wait outside in a line to be seated so you could eat. I talked to the 8 other americans there and they were also disapointed. And one couple was there last year. They also will never go back, so it is not only my group. Overall Ixtapa is beautiful and we will be back. I took the kids horseback riding. they loved it. $45.00 per person if you have never been on a horse before, go, if you have it is boring, I took them tuna fishing, we caught 10 tuna but they were small 8 to 10 lbs. $180.00 for the boat.We took them on the carraige ride to the marina, $45.00 my mother and my neice went on a tour of the coconut plantations and the city and enjoyed it $69.00 for her $57.00 for the child. The banana boat was $5.00 per person. i rented a boogie board,$5.00 for an hour and rode the waves in. Parasailing was $20.00 but did not do it. i have done it allready. I bought a double hammock with the wood for $25.00 in "Z". I did notice that because it was not tourist season i got really good prices on swim suit coverups and dresses for my neices. The weather was HOT and humid but i expected that, the pool temperture was also very warm, but they closed one pool by 7 pm and we all had to go to the other one. They would not serve you anything to drink untill after 10:30 am. If you wanted anything again room service, No bottled water,(room service) no late nite food. like sub sandwiches and pizza, now it is a martini and sushi place, which was not open. This is my opinion of our week here. Remember i am comparing it to 4 years ago when it was great. If you were never there before you would not know how things have changed and you might enjoy it. For what we paid $6,000 for all of us flying out of green bay, it was a HUGE disapointment, and the 18 month old was free!!! We still had a great time, because we were on vacation, but never never going back to the Presidente again. Our tour rep. was Ventura and he was fantastic. Yes i was told to try the Doroda or the Barcello, but next year we are staying in "z" and not going all inclusive. We will save about $600 per person this way, and let me tell you we can eat a lot of good food for that!!! Untill next year......

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