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Escrito por John Howells desde ( el día martes, 22 de agosto, 2006 a las 22:34:25 horas :

The other day I posted a message inviting folks to comment on Zihuatanejo as a place for retirement for the upcoming revise of our book ďChoose Mexico.Ē This created some controversy over whether more retirees would be welcome or desirable.

I was a little overwhelmed by the reaction. In our defense, Iíd like to say that although our book encourages retirement in Mexico (because we love the country) we do NOT make recommendations for any particular locat1on in Mexico. We simply report what we see, our impressions of a community, and what residents have to say about living there. We report what expatriates tell us, the good and the bad and the ordinary. We owe that to our readers.

If the general consensus is that an increase of expats would have a detrimental effect on water, utilities, the economy, or would affect the quality of life of native Mexicans -- our readers should be aware of this. If there are problems with crime, avaricious bureaucrats, or whatever, these facts should not be hidden. In short, we donít want to paint pretty pictures. We want to report what we see. What we hear. What our readers deserve to know.

My wife and I happen to be residents of a small beach village in Costa Rica which is undergoing the growing pains you folks went through several years ago. Some welcome the economic expansion, others mourn the loss of innocence of village life. The expat community is divided and often the divisions become intense. So I totally understand what is going on in your community.

My first encounter with Zihuatanejo was as a teenager, so many long years ago that I cannot believe it. Our family lived in DF and we owned a second home in Acapulco -- and we occasionally drove up the coast for a weekend adventure. That was when Zihua was REALLY a village! So I can appreciate the feeling of oldtimers here who wish they could turn back the clock. Also I feel for those expat residents who donít want to see Zihua turning into another Ajijic.

Since I posted that message Iíve received several helpful e-mails from Zihua residents with their opinions. Iíd appreciate more from those sincerely interested in constructive input. But please believe me, we have no interest in promoting a community that doesnít want or need the boost!


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