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Re: John D. MacDonald

And he lived in my sorta-hometown area in Florida: Sarasota (where some of the nation's first ecological laws were written)! You betcha he was smart!

Re: Retiring in the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa area

Locally the development is tending towards luxury homes and condos, mostly in Ixtapa where they were originally intended when FONATUR expropriated local lands for development. Except for rich retirees, the area offers very little in the way of economy lodging unless they want to build or park their mobile home on a piece of undeveloped land somewhere. We already have a housing shortage and what projects exist are geared either towards the wealthy or towards local workers with small families.

We seriously need a building moratorium in order to catch up our basic services and city planning with the development we've experienced in the past 15 years. The area's population has tripled in the past 2 decades, but most of the basic services are woefully inadequate or nonexistent.

The city, state and federal authorities have only recently admitted we have a pollution problem due to poor city planning, inadequate operation of water treatment plants, and deforestation of our hillsides. So now that they've finally admitted what so many of us have been saying for years, perhaps real solutions will be applied. It's a small start but it's a start. If a lawsuit by one of the local ecological organizations bears fruit the zoning change allowing all the recent squatters communities and the Cerro del Vigía project will be invalidated and the areas reverted to ecological zones. Keeping fingers crossed!

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