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Hello Brandt Z,

I followed your points with interest as I follow the threads on this topic with interest.

Your point about the Cruise ship visits being a more immediate problem is a good one. I would add the Tour Bus groups and ATVers as immediate problems.

I would draw attention to a couple of things however. It's plain to see that we have a very serious issue in the lack of planning and ecological protection in very large scale development projects. (Not that this is only happening here of course). These projects are truly changing the face of life here visually, ecologically and culturally. This includes right now, all the tops of the hills above the Bay of Zihuatanejo and in the not far enough away future... all the pristine beaches between Zihuatanejo/La Union and Acapulco.

Medical and cultural services are sure to be included in future development (ever heard of American State-of-the-art Vacation Hospitals... up and coming here in the near future I hear from reliable sources. It's a matter time.)

Who are these projects designed to accommodate? Foreign retirees mostly, upper and middle class foreign tourists mixed with some wealthy nationals. I doubt the developers/builders/politicians care much about that end really. These are boardroom decisions made by people who don't spend time knowing or valuing the local culture. They make/collect their payoffs, make their money and leave. The developers sell to whomever, make their money and leave.

What's left and what gets lost between the cracks... is an old and treasured paradise itself...including rare and beautiful local cultures, and on the ecological level the flora and fauna that is integrally related to those cultures.

We look around and study where this has already taken place. The striking beauty that was, is generally turned into a polluted, crime ridden/crime protected (ie:walled and armed), high-end/with attendant low end 'worker projects' parking lot. Remember "Pave Paradise. Make it a parking lot" ref: Acapulco, Cancun, Puerta Vallarta endless etc.

These things are coming here now. It's absolutely true that we have avoided the kind of speed of change that has taken over other areas in Mexico (Thank God!). But now it's coming to here and we are voicing the feeling of seeing that.

Yes, it's hard for those of us who have had the privilege and enjoyed living something of the orginal Costeño paradise scenario. Though we have been blessed for whatever reasons to get to experience those times, it's natural and right that we find it difficult to be watching it's death/transition.

Looking from this perspective, I'm sure it becomes more understandable to see our lashing out when faced with each coming step of this change (Including a book which will draw attention to more speedy change if only exposing this place to a larger audience). If the author's loyalty is to his readers, I suppose our loyalty is to this place and the treasures it holds.

What can we do? - (ask an author - whose loyalty is to his readers - to skip Zihuatanejo in his book as a personal courtesy to us...? Would that help? Who knows.) As we try to adjust/protect/fight back/ make sense of it...find the good in it... make a new plan of how to survive the impact of ... a wave of future change we wish were avoidable and we know isn't. Try to express it...at least with honesty... that's one thing.

(I know I'm responding to other posters besides yourself... sorry!)

Meanwhile, to turn to this beautiful day in this still relatively pristine incredible place! Here comes the newspaper seller who is so entertaining, I buy the paper entranced by his exciting expression of the headlines! Enjoy...

Hasta pronto,

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