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Escrito por kate desde ( el día sábado, 02 de septiembre, 2006 a las 14:45:40 horas :

En respuesta a: Biggest mistake escrito por Dorado1 desde (?) el día viernes, 01 de septiembre, 2006 a las 20:07:13 horas :

We've been going to Z for almost 30 years now. Dorado1's advice is very good. Cynical sounding -- well, maybe. However, every word is pretty right on to the way it is. It's always helpful to get educated and Rob's message board gives you a great opportunity to do just that. Good luck on your adventures in Z. Hope you find the same love for the place that we have. It's not Eden, but it still comes close to paradise for us. Oh, yeah, we have a sailfish hanging on our living room wall. Yep, it ended up costing us megabucks.

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