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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día domingo, 10 de septiembre, 2006 a las 12:30:25 horas :

Wonderful article in today's Excelsior (major Mexico City newspaper) in the seccion called 'Comunidad" at about The Chidren's Library of La Barra de Potosi (and me too a bit.)

There are a couple of errors (when are there not from interviews? The reporter promised to send me the text beforehand so I could correct but didn't get to it... oh well. The errors are minor to the point (my cancer was Non-Hodgkins, Noyo's family is not from La Barra but Petatlan and Zihua, his restaurant is on Las Gatas (not Las Catas or Ixtapa) couple of other personal details not significant. The important things are all correct and it's well written.

The original photo included two kids on horseback standing on either side. Too bad they didn't fit in the final version. But who's complaining? its great!

I'll try to get a translation up here soon...

Hasta pronto,

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