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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día martes, 12 de septiembre, 2006 a las 13:42:08 horas :

En respuesta a: Changing Zihua? escrito por DrMexico desde ( el día lunes, 11 de septiembre, 2006 a las 04:40:08 horas :

Steering myself away from the playful distraction (above) for a moment (which persists for some reason.. horizontal rather than vertical...!)

... but all that aside, this is for me a sad topic. I can only confirm all that you are saying quite well. Not that this place isn't great... it definitely is! But it's not the same place. The people are not the same in the way they see life (some in big changes, some in tiny changes).

The impact of fast growth is one thing. Then we have the impact of that growth being mostly seeded by foreign money. Then we have the impact of foreign culture and the modern world (in a kind of uneven cultural development). But ironically, I think some of the most deliterious impact has been in fact the impact of tourism itself as such a dominating economic base. (I know the irony of me... a person who lives by tourism, saying it but ni modo...asi es)

In the old days, many people were in fact fishermen and providing services for local families that lived around a Mexican fishing culture.

Little by little fishing diminishes and tourism takes over... until it has taken over everything. With that, all attitudes begin to shift. The old cultural base is replaced by a kind of 'playground culture' (forgive me... I'm guilty too and it can be good and not so good) as directed by those driving it... many of whom are foreign, it might appear. I might add that in my mind, I also equate some of the impact from the modern culture of Mexico City as 'foreign', regionally foreign.

As I said, the changes aren't all bad... one can arrive in Zihua and fall in love with it... still. There are wonderful things in some of the new changes too. It's just that it's not the same thing some of us have had the privilege to know and fall in love with before. Isn't that happening all over...? and yes it's a bit sad. But I think even us old timers still have time to savor with new visitors what we love. It's still here.

Having said that, I also agree with the poster making reference to the impact of an overdeveloped vice factor... This is what led to the Cuban revolution isn't it? A playground free with the dark sides (I'm talking about alcoholism and drug abuse... all mixed with the commercialization of sex mostly but also the comercialization of personality...creating a kind of disneyland for people who just want to look and consume for a short time)

These things move money ... yes... and can only bring with it the further whithering of the old factors of innocence... the openess, honesty... 'horizontal' caring more about making a friend than how much money you might get out of a new connection etc.

Just some humble thoughts on this subject. Can we stop this loss of purity/innocence/openheartedness, curb it, ... in my case, here we are with the Library... only the small steps one can do. Each might find a way to expect honesty and respect - giving it in return.

Money at any cost... is that a good thing? I don't think so. And the need to survive is real. The playing field here has changed fast and considerably... ironically, largely because of all of us. It takes some pretty fast and good creativity to navigate this. The locals are doing the best they can. Kindness and respect help. Thanks for bringing these thoughts to the surface for a bit of discussion.

Meanwhile, still so much to savor around this place, no?
Hasta pronto,

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