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Escrito por LadyMzih desde ( el día sábado, 16 de septiembre, 2006 a las 10:27:21 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Changing Zihua? escrito por Isabel Fortune desde ( el día viernes, 15 de septiembre, 2006 a las 20:12:09 horas :

Glad I was there and can remember all the things you speak of so eloquently. The thriving olden days of The Captain's Table and Coconuts are some I will never forget for sure. That is when I decided to someday live here is Zihua. The Ballena Blanca and Chololo were great places for friends to gather to visit, drink, and dance til dawn. Walking on the beach from there to town WAS on the beach. No walkway and lit path to find your way if you decided to leave before sunlight.

I am a lucky one who had parents with a home here and could come and visit and get in on the happenings in person or just hear my Mother tell me about shopping with John Wayne. Several "stars" we met were so unassuming that no one even knew who they were and or did not care. And some were just so much fun that I smile when I think of them. Jack Galvin, my dad Jim Wingard, Oliverio Maciel, and Santiago Bracamontes both transplants from the United states and locals who are no longer with us. Part of the changing face of Zihua. Old trees, old landmarks, and people who are missed.

To me one of the biggest changes in people I have seen is the women of Zihua. They no longer just go to the market in the mornings and stay home with their children in the evenings. You see them everywhere and at any hour. They are a take charge part of Zihua. Owning their own businesses, taking part in the structure of the events of the town and attending more than just a casual birthday party. They are part of what makes Zihua thrive.

The best part to me has been the watching small children grow up and have their own children while become a lovely part of Zihuatanejo. To see their smiling faces change from no worries into concern for the town along with the happiness of parenting has made this place seem like home.

The most needed things that we now have are the laundromats. And coming from an area of lots of Chinese restaurants I can say that Mi Chayito right next to one of those laundromats is doing a bang up job at serving top notch Chinese as well as Mexican food. Give them a try.I think they actually have something for everyone.

I thank you and the women before me who helped make Zihuatanejo what it is today. With all the changes and sometimes bad influences outsiders have made and had on this small area of Mexico I think she is surviving nicely. Perfectly, no, but change is always good and bad at the same time. Just glad that I am around to see what is going to happen here next.

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