In Zihua March 29 - April 5

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Escrito por Ed in Saskatchewan desde ( el día viernes, 09 de abril, 2004 a las 12:45:33 horas :

We have been to Zihua on several occasions and earlier this year decided to go elsewhere - spent two weeks in Melaque and vacinity. Unfortunately, we had several days of bad weather in mid-January so we felt as if we did not have much of a holiday. We did enjoy Melaque, Barra, Manzanillo and Colima but poor weather puts a damper on a winter holiday.

I had surgery on my neck/spine in early March so was somewhat under the weather. We also had some holiday time to use up so thought this would be a good time to get away. The neurosurgeon said it would be OK to travel so we started looking for "last minute" deals to Zihua. We thought it would be better to "rehab" in a beautiful place with a cool cerveza or two (or three...). We found a very good deal on "air only" to Zihua for March 29 - April 5. We like the Madera area and previously stayed at the hotel Brisas del Mar. This year we wanted to return to Madera but decided to try another hotel. It was a bit difficult to get the entire time as Easter crowds stared arriving on the 3rd. We did find a spot at La Quinta de Don Andres for the entire period.

The hotel was excellent. We upgraded from a single to a double villa for most of the stay as the view, balcony and size of the double villa was nicer. The staff at the hotel were excellent - they made us feel right at home. The place was spotless and well managed. We would highly recommend it for people looking for a smaller, convenient hotel on Madera (only 10 rooms/villas). The double villas would be ideal for a family with one or two kids.

We toured some of our regular watering holes - MJ & Richie's for afternoon lounging and cold beer - also very good civiche and shrimp cocktail; the Jungle Bar for happy hours; Ricks for margaritas and beer as well as his excellent black bean chili; Coconuts for special margaritas (El Jimidor)and shrimp tacos. We also spent a good deal of time sipping beverages while sitting on our balcony, on the "deck" area at the front of the hotel or by the pool.

We enjoyed meals at Cafe Marina (gotta love Joe!), Daniels, La Gula (one of the owners used to work the front desk at Brisas Del Mar and remembered us from our stays there), Kau Kan (our splurge on the last night), Cafe Chuleto (former Chez Paul's employees) and Pollos Locos. Had some very good breakfasts at the local bakery (pink building - I forget the name), Casa Cafe and Globs. Took the bus out to Ixtapa one noon hour to have burgers at Ruebens - we still have fond memories of the place when it was in the Madera area.

We also took our usual trip to Petatlan for the enjoyment of the bus ride (sometimes questionable) and to visit the Church and the gold market. Got a good deal on a gold bracelet this year.

On the weekend before we left, our hotel filled up with Mexicans visiting for the holidays. We were the only non-mexicans in the place. The families really know how to have fun. The pool at the hotel was fairly small - my wife and I were often the only ones in it, but on Saturday afternoon it held 16 children and five adults. We have also never seen Madera that busy. Had some interesting visits with families on the beach at at MJ and Richie's.

All in all we had a great time - my neck healed up nicely we had good weather. We are tentativly booked for next year (January / February) already.

The one down side of the vacation was the charter service from Canada. We flew on Skyservice, a charter airline. I think the cabin accomodation was designed for folks who are about five feet tall and weigh ninety pounds - neither applies to me. The trip down and back were both uncomfortable. The previous few years we have flown commerial (Alaska out of Calgary Alberta) and we may go back to that next year.

Regardless, we will be back. Zihua is a special place.

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