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Escrito por MCD desde ( el día viernes, 09 de abril, 2004 a las 15:16:45 horas :

En respuesta a: Amuleto? Any opinions out there? escrito por Patrick desde ( el día jueves, 08 de abril, 2004 a las 17:31:39 horas :

We went there for dinner in early March.

Getting there was a story in itself. The locat1on is the highest yet developed up the hill to the south of La Ropa beach. The road was still under construction and our cab was stopped by a road crew and 3 ft deep trench across the road. In typical Zihua fashion, though, the road crew actually filled in a portion of the trench so our taxi could proceed. I would say add about 5 minutes to a typical taxi ride to La Ropa.

I think they were putting in a sewer line; what appeared to be a temporary, above-ground septic tank along the side of the road gave off fumes which occasionally invaded our space during dinner.

The Amuleto facility is stunning. Beautiful architecture and crafted with great attention to detail. Although very new, you would not know it by looking at the landscaping. Very nicely done.

We were given a tour of the one open air "palapa room", but were not allowed into the others, which were occupied. This room is closest to the dining area, so privacy might be less than other rooms. Also, the bed was canopied with white mesh fabric(mosquito netting), which might actually be useful during the summer rainy season. But there was nice breeze and not a single bug when we were there. All in all, though, I think I would opt for one of the other rooms with more privacy and less concern about possible airborn invaders.

The dining area had only four tables. One other dinner-only couple shared the space the evening we were there. Although two of the rooms were reportedly occupied, their occupants did not show up for dinner in the common area.

The meal and service were very good. We understood that the kitchen and restaurant area had been subcontracted to Kau Kan; the meal and service were much like you would expect to get at Kau Kan.

Views are nothing short of stunning. The facility sits well above the hill between Las Gatas beach and the lighthouse - so you could watch the sun set into the sea. It also sits above other structures on the cliff area between Madeira and La Ropa beaches. Downtows Zihuatanejo sits squarely across the harbor from Amuleto. So it has a "commanding view" of the entire harbor + sunset view to the west.

Access to beaches might be an issue; the half mile or so walk down might not be bad - and the distance would be about the same to La Ropa or Las Gatas. I might do the hike back uphill from Las Gatas once or maybe twice, but most over 40 would probably opt to take a cab back up the hill from La Ropa. Beach access is a big negative for anyone who needs their daily beach fix.

Bottom line - for a honeymoon it ranks right up there with Villa de la Roca and Cuitlateca; superb facility, superb views, very good restaurant, remote, somewhat isolated locat1on, poor beach access. But if you had a car or didn't mind frequent waits for cabs, it would certainly be a memorable, if expensive, choice for honeymoon. Perhaps a couple of private nights here after the ceremony, then move to a place right on the beach for the balance of your honeymoon time in paradise.

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