Ixtapa, Las Brisas trip report, children &etc.

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First I want to say thanks for all those who left reports before me, they were very helpful.

My two primary concerns before going were health/food safety and the heat.

Heat: As for the heat we had no issues other then being a bit hot when walking through town. The weather was excellent and rarely too hot/humid or too cool. Only when checking in did I worry a bit as we were hot from traveling and the room was not cooled from air conditionin.

Health: We did not get sick and traveled with my wife and two boys age 10 and 13. We were conservative and ate no vegetables unless cooked or fruit unless peeled type. Drank a lot of Agua(water) and some pop and drinks. Did get a bit of indigestion and took pepto bismal tabletswhich seemed to help some. But only a minor issue.

Las Brisas. We stayed 7 nights and if you have been reading the message board you already likley know the food at the hotel is prohibitively priced. We found a small store in the hotel where we could buy some pop, candy bars and sandwhiches. Still high priced but a lot less expensive then going to the restaurants.
A big issue was trying to get the details on the drink program. They advertise a $100.00 drink credit if you stay 7 nights. However, upon arrival they tell you nothing of the details. The conciere gave us wrong information - she was not helpful. Later we learned the drink coupons only apply to drinks ordered at the lobby bar or in the restaurants AND charged to your room. Therefore, do not pay cash or put on a credit card.
The internet/business services person was not helpfull at all. We gave up after two attempts. First time was told to come back a few hours later - no problem but when we did we were completely ignored while the manager was on the phone with what appeared to be a personal call. Could be wrong however.
The beach and pool were excellent. We are fair skinned and used sunblock 45 and worked very well. We also generally avoided the mid day sun (and crowds). However, at Las Brisas is not crowded by comparison to the Barcolona Hotel which has a true public access to their beach. Security at Las Brisas is excellent. We went in to town to Ixapa and Zexxxxxxxxxjo and felt safe as we would in our hometown in suburban Minnesota.
The hotel is a masterpiece in design. I plan to review who designed it and learn more of the hotels history.
Would I go again? Not likely. Only because I like to do different things and there is a world to explore. Would I recomend to good friends? Absolutely. Just would want to steer them to lower cost ways to eat and drink along with some travel tips. By the way the cabs are excellent and everywhere. I did usually ask before I got in the price but found them consistent even when I did not ask. It was fun to learn some Spanish.
The children had a good time but were ready to return after 7 nights. They loved the pools which are of good size and nice. My youngest loved to search for crabs on either side of the beach along with other animals. The beach is really not for swimming and more for moderate wading which suited us just fine - we can swin in the pool.

The lobby bar is a nice place to hang out. At night the pianist is excellent and from what I could tell he plays just by memory. I suspect he is renowned in the area for his talent - did not even have a tip jar out. Las Brisas is class but at a price.

If you have any specific questions feel free to e mail me directly at lunky@aol.com and I will try to answer.


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