Short trip report Mar 25 - Mar 31

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Escrito por Buck del Rio desde (?) el día lunes, 12 de abril, 2004 a las 12:14:50 horas :

We flew from Seattle to San Francisco without a hitch. When boarding started from SFO to Zih it was announced that we had a flat tire. Slightly less than an hour later, we were on our way. …to a long lineup.
While being 25th in line to takeoff, the winds changed twice to put the active runway in the opposite direction so we went from 25th to 2nd in line.
We got a green light at customs. Hotel Brisas del Mar had all the paperwork perfectly and we were in Room 111 in no time.
A trip to an ATM and a purchase of bottled water led us to Paseo del Pescador to Pisano's for the first beer.
After that we were on take it easy mode.
Things that we did differently this year were:
Went to Isla Ixtapa but ended up at Playa Coral where the undertow was pretty bad and I was winded early while snorkeling.
Found the Humane Society and bought t-shirts. Paseo del Pescador street numbers start at the Museum and get higher going north, so # 9 should have been easy to find. However, somehow Casa Marina (where SPAZ is located) held on to the old numbering system so its #9 was between # 26 and # 28. We finally found it though. The t-shirts are unique and the funds go to a good cause.
Went to Rick's Bar for Friday jam session. The band was a local rock and roll kick ass happenin'. I don't remember the name, but they are good.
Otherwise, take it easy mode.

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