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Escrito por Kathleen in CO desde ( el día sábado, 24 de abril, 2004 a las 21:50:58 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Patzcuaro or Morelia Hotel escrito Will and Kim desde ( el día miércoles, 21 de abril, 2004 a las 20:37:03 horas :

I agree as well! Two things don't meet your requirements: it is indeed in the centro and the price is around $94 US but does include tax, big, free, filling full breakfast menu and free cocktails in the evening with free and excellent appetizers. Service was unparralleled. Make friends with Jose, the man who never sleeps (lets you in late at night and serves your breakfast in the a.m.); he is one of the finest hosts we have ever encountered. Also, it is easy to get there from the highway - maybe 10 minutes. Well worth it.

If there are only two of you, Room 11 is very cool. We stayed there one night but had to move; any room is great, though. 11 is on the corner so the wrought iron balcony overlooks the zocalo and the side street.

The hotel was originally a bunch of buildings melded together in the 1300's and has been in the same family since the 1700's. The dining room offers wonderful food; try the triangular tamales that are a specialty of the area for breakfast, and the relleno for dinner - I' m getting the recipe for it; it is the most unique relleno I have ever eaten. The chile is carmelized somehow. Yum. There is also a bar that seems to be one of only a couple of nightspots open late, also offering excellent but more casual fare and an acoustic musician.

There is a lovely solarium for morning relaxing, a wonderful library with period furniture and huge inviting couches, and th courtyard has a couple of fireplaces as it can get chilly while you're enjoying your cocktails. Tip - there's a fridge in the hallway on the way to the solarium with bottled water in it; I found this one night when my husband had over-imbibed and the two bottles of water provided with the room were not enough. ;-) Another tip - if you come in late, the doors will be locked; there is a buzzer up high to the left which summons Jose.

They also have a hotel kitty, Coco, who will sleep with you if she takes a liking to you.

Free parking is down the street (but convenient) in a garage.

When you consider the value of breakfast (for us, maybe $20 for three) and cocktails and apps (value dpending on the mood!), free downtown parking and tax - I think it is about 10% but honestly don't remember - it's really a good value. And it will be unforgettable.

Rob has a great site for Patz, but (sorry, Rob) there is also one at that has a really detailed section on Patz and Michoacan, with a ton of detailed articles by a local woman. Also excellent forums. And check out the photo section!

E-mail communication for reservations is excellent and easy.

Have fun, wherever you stay! Patz is lovely! Even if you are just overnighting, it may well be worth staying in the centro just to wake up and look out at the zocalo's morning activity.

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