Isabel Pais, wedding in Troncones

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Escrito por Aimee Grove desde ( el día lunes, 03 de mayo, 2004 a las 02:06:34 horas :

If anyone reading this board is planning or thinking about getting married in Zihuat, let me encourage you to hire Isabel Pais to help coordinate the details. We just tied the knot in Troncones at Hacienda Eden ( - april 23!) and Isabel was instrumental in helping us achieve the MOST AMAZING occasion of our lives. She is amazing and a wonderfully sweet person on top of everything. My mom is a Martha Stewart wanna-be and believe me, tough to please, and Isabel won her over as much as us.
Also, if you want to get married on the sand, I would suggest considering Troncones. The remote nature of the beach ensures you won't have jetskis whirring in the background and people walking by or simply strangers witnessing this sacred occasion. Troncones is an amazingly beautiful place still unspoiled and rustically romantic. Nonsurfers might also like Barra de Potosi, which I found gorgeous and deserted, but my now husband missed the waves there.
Anyway, find Isabel and do it in Mexico. We had an amazing time there and will be posting photos here soon from the wedding for anyone interested.

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