First Trip to Z-mini report

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Escrito por Robin desde ( el día miércoles, 05 de mayo, 2004 a las 09:45:11 horas :

My husband and I just returned from our first trip to Z (5 day stay). This board was such a great help, especially in giving us a real "flavor" for the town. We stayed at La Casa Que Canta, which had the best and most gracious service of any hotel we've ever stayed. Villa del Sol was also beautiful, but we loved overlooking the beach as opposed to being on it. La Casa is much smaller, much more intimate & private (we walked to VDS, looked at their best suite which was very nice, but the terrace was completely visible from the beach, and the property was too big for our particular taste.) We went into town one afternoon which was fascinating. All the people were so friendly. Had no desire to go to Ixtapa, but we had to go in one afternoon in search of real Havana cigars (which he found at Mossimo-another great tip from this board). My husband is a cigar afficiando (sp) and he couldn't find anything in Z (including the recommended restaurant on this board). The one he bought in Z turned out to be fake.

Anyhoo-restaurants were awesome:
La Casa-superb (shrimp tacos are awesome & had them for lunch every day)
Kau-Kan-we were disappointed in our dish, but I think other things would have been very good
Il Mare-our favorite place (went twice). Fernando, either mgr or owner, was magnificent and the food, atmosphere, and music were awesome
There were so many other places we wanted to try, but just didn't get to it i.e. Cafe Bahia and others.

We'll definitely go back (which is saying alot for us as we usually like to keep trying new places. But this was the most relaxing vacation we can remember. Thanks to everyone for such great info!

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