the long smoky month

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día martes, 03 de mayo, 2005 a las 09:28:20 horas :

No May flowers here! The annual illegal burnings are under way. Yesterday the big hill behind Zihuatanejo was partially burned and we awoke this morning to a solid blanket of smoke covering the entire bay. Fires are raging all up and down the coast and into the sierra, and no one is doing anything to stop them.

Where are the ecologistas? Where are the "responsible authorities"? The latter are apparently simply filling their pockets during their last few months in office while the squatters continue arriving, crime is on the rise, schools remain neglected, and the general standard of living continues its downward trend. It's getting harder and harder to find paradise amid the ruins of humanity. >:~/

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