April Fishing Trip... and more

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Escrito por Gordon and Nancy Krantz desde (dup-200-65-183-231.prodigy.net.mx) el día sábado, 15 de mayo, 2004 a las 13:57:18 horas :

April Fishing Trip - The Bad and the Good - Still the friendliest place to visit...

After reading some of the posts below about the "less than enjoyable" fishing trips, I would like to share my latest one...which on the contrary was a most enjoyable one...although it did not start out that way!

My wife and I were in Zihua/Ixtapa for the recent Guitar Fest (which was sponsored in part by our Daughter and her magazine), and like the other four trips we had made to Zihua, at least two days had been set aside to sample some of the close in and reasonable fishing provided by Panga operators.

Leaving nothing to chance, I had booked a Roosterfishing trip a couple of months in advance with Alphonso (in the Panga Dos Hermanos)whom I had been assured was an excellent choice for Roosters. I won't mention the party who assured me of this, since he was also the one who arranged the charter, and assured me that all was set. Two days before I was scheduled, I decided to try and find him (Alphonso) at the Pier to introduce myself and see what time to meet him the following day. I did finally get to meet him and told him that I was the one he was scheduled to fish with the following Thursday, to which his reply was...I am booked with another party and can't fish with you that day...no further explanation other than "sorry"!

I found out later that he had been given a multiple day charter, and took it without notifying me, or the person who set up the charter in the first place. Had I not sought him out the day before, I would have been left standing at the pier (as he allegedly has done before based on previous posts I have read in this forum...)

My first reaction was anger...towards both Alphonso, and also the booking agent for not notifying me and making other arrangements, but fortunately, I met another Captain at the Pier who offered to help me find another Charter if the agent had not already found a replacement. This Captain's name was Jaime Vargas, and since I had planned on a fishing trip anyway, I asked him if he were available, to which he replied that he was.

We arranged a fishing trip (for Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish or whatever) since he assured me that the Rooster fishing was not that good, and after the bad taste left by Alphonso, I just wanted to go fishing.

Apparently luck was on my side, and I can now personally assure you...that in my opinion, there is no finer Captain in Zihuatanejo, or a nicer person to spend a day on the water with...than Captain Jaime Vargas who operates the Lancha Albatross. His rates were appr. $125 less than what it would have originally cost me through the agent (although after the great trip, his tip more than made up the difference)...but to make a long story short, I had the best experience that I have ever had in Zihua (and I have fished with several supposedly highly qualified captains...on previous trips).

A great day's fishing, with a super nice person...five Sailfish (up to 115 lbs), and all but one that was seriously hooked deep were successfully released. My arms and shoulders were sore all the way back to Texas. This is one Captain that I strongly recommend for anyone looking for a great fishing experience in Zihua....

his e-mail add. is: jaimevargaslopez@yahoo.com.mx or he can be reached at 755-554-4254


PS: The Guitar Fest was also great...everyone involved did a fantastic job, (and I'm not the least bit prejudiced...HA!)

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