Trip Report - Part 1 (5/5 thru 5/8)

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Escrito por Texas Chica desde ( el día sábado, 15 de mayo, 2004 a las 17:36:19 horas :

OK, finally got time to do a trip report. This will be in three parts, pre-wedding, wedding, and honeymoon.

Arrived at Las Brisas (my second time) to find that they had upgraded us (the bride and groom) to a jr. suite (which means not only a suite, but 2 terraces, one of which has a TUB on it!!!). My parents and siblings shared the Presidential Suite, which is AWESOME for a large group travelling together. It is HUGE, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, large living/dining area, & 4 terraces, all with infinite edge pools. It is right at lobby level, which is terribly close to the bar! Room service had complimentary wine, cheese, and snacks the first day, and some kind of snack every night in my room and both sets of parents) including champange on the wedding night (Nice touch).

After checking in, we hit the stores first to get water and booze. Staff eyed us suspiciously as we passed with innocent grins and clinking bags. Everyone overdid it at the sunset happy hour (margaritas are STRONG!). For those still standing, about 10 of us took cabs to La Perla. Met Fransisco who was a great guy. We ate lots of great seafood and drank many cervezas.

Second day, on recommendations of this board, we ordered room service "La Brisa" breakfast ($109 pesos) which was PLENTY for two. Some family ignored my advice and pate the overpriced buffet. They learned their lesson. After a quick swim in my terrace bath, I joined the others at the beach. Lunch was guacamole, fried fish tacos, lots of beer at La Brisa I on the beach. Surf was smaller than I remembered, so we swam in waves until I got knocked down pretty hard by a surprising wave. Our one ex-bullfighter stayed on as he enjoyed the fight with the waves. It was the only day "calm" enough for us to swim. We cooled in the pools for a while, then headed over to happy hour at 6. Then it was off to Villa de La Selva, where I had made a reservation for 20 for the "best seats in the house" back in March. Fernando took care of us, and the food was great (ended up about $35US/pp much less than I had expected).

Day 3, a group of 6 (not seasick me) got up early and fished on the Queen Arantxa, a very nice, 40ft boat. Caught 2 sailfish around 9ft long. Said the captain and help made ceviche for themselves with used bait. Waste not, want not, I guess. I took a group (about 6) to Isla Ixtapa. Snorkeling was decent, saw cool fish and stingrays. Ate snapper and guac, Benito did a great job taking care of us. Total cost ended up around $40US/pp (for ferry, snorkeling gear, lunch, beers all day). Everyone met back up at the hotel for happy hour, and then we all split up for dinner. A group of 8 went to Beccofino's at the Marina, while I took a group of 14 to Los Braseros (recommended by the hotel). Good real Mexican food for around $15/pp with many beers. We wandered around for Rick's (which someone said was closed) and ended up doing Tequila shots at the Jungle Bar.

End of Part 1 -- Some notes regarding these days:
1. Many places recommended were closed (Tamales Any, Casa Bahia, Bay Club, Las Margaritas) so I was disappointed.
2. Hotel would not recommend any restaurant but their "buddy" ones. La Casa Que Canta was the same way. You couldn't even get a "yeah it's decent" out of the bellhop.

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