Trip Report Part 3 - The Honeymoon 5/9-5/12

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Escrito por Texas Chica desde ( el día sábado, 15 de mayo, 2004 a las 18:03:42 horas :

The morning after the wedding, we had La Brisa breakfast room service and then went do to the lobby to send off most of our family and friends. The hotel gave us a complimentary late checkout of 3pm.

Those who were still remaining, we joined at the pool until it was time to run up and pack. We somehow got all of our clothes and booze crammed into bags and into a taxi, and we headed over to La Casa Que Canta.

We were greeted warmly by the concierge and the receptionist. They brought us cold beers (priorities!) and then had us check in. Flora showed us to our terrace room, which was smaller than our Jr. Suite at Las Brisas, but was very cozy and had GREAT a/c! We had a neat terrace, which had two lounge chairs, then off to the side a couch and table and chairs. A complimentary minibar held about 4 beers, 4 cokes, and 4 waters. We crammed it full of our leftover reception beer, and called down for ice. One couple remained from our party, who we invited up for champagne and snacks at sunset on our terrace. We then walked over to Kau Kan. Halfway through dinner, yours truly got very ill and took a taxi back (I had eaten mango at the hotel, which apparently was not cooperative with my digestive system). The restaurant sent my husband back with apologies and my dinner (baby chicken in rosemary) wrapped in foil, which I ate for breakfast the following morning.

Late that night, I heard loud banging, which turned out to be fireworks on La Ropa for mother's day. I awoke to some construction noise from just above the hotel. But on the terrace, the ocean sound overcame the construction.

We spent most of our time at the hotel in the infinite edge pool. You can't get out of it. The view, the breeze, the cool water... it's magnetic! The salt water pools were colder and private, but the view wasn't as good.

One day we walked down to La Ropa beach. IT was an easy walk from the hotel. We ate lunch at Paty's Mar Y Mar - we saw her visiting with a large group of Americans. Food and service were great. Then we walked down to La Perla, where we met up with Mark Ausmus (from this message board) and his wife Ellie. We had beers in the shade and talked. We agreed to meet up to dine at the famous La Gula the next night.

My husband took me back to Kau Kan the second night since I missed out. It was romantic and delicious. We both had the lobster special.

We did lunch at LCQC once, and it was really good (about $40US). For breakfast, we did room service, which was a much smaller continental breakfast than Las Brisas for the same price. Prices in the room and in the restaurant were one in the same.

The last night we dined at La Gula. The hotel claimed to not have heard of it, but made the reservation anyway. Mark and Ellie came up to see our room, and Hector the wedding photographer brought our album by. We took a taxi to La Gula (he had never heard of it either, but I knew it was on Playa Madera). What a find!! The food was excellent and so nicely presented. I had shrimp cardinal, which was prepared tableside. My husband and I had 2 appetizers, wine, beer, dinner, and dessert for like $60US total.

Upon departure, the hotel gave me a little mirror as a gift for my stay. I felt like LCQC was definitely a place to go for romance and quiet. We will probably always go back to Las Brisas for our regular trips, but this was something not to miss and was perfect for a honeymoon. They treated us like royalty (which they should for the price you pay).

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