A warning: Luv Zihua, but got robbed on Paseo

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Escrito por mary in seattle desde (cache-mtc-ac11.proxy.aol.com) el día domingo, 16 de mayo, 2004 a las 18:20:16 horas :

We just returned from to two wonderful weeks in Zihua staying on Playa Madera. This was our third trip to Zihua in 1 1/2 years and we are book for two more weeks in Jan 2005 and are also going to try and sneak down for a week in October. This message is just a warning to anyone who walks the Paseo or "fishermans walk" which goes along the water between Playa Principal and Playa Madera. My husband and I were warned not to take it at night when it was dark because of banditos. I have always chosen to walk home by the road at night. My husband however, the big fisherman, stubbornly refused to believe that anywhere in Zihua was not safe at anytime of day or night. Last Thursday, he left our bungalow on Playa Madera around 6:00-6:15AM while it was still dark and took his usual route via the Paseo. Part way to town, he was jumped by two young Mexicans, held in a choke hold and forced to the ground with something held to the back of his neck that left a long raised welt (knife??). He gave them the money in his pocket and they went through his backpack and found somemore plus a fishing knife which they took. They were not interested in anything else, bracelet, watch, camera, ect....Thank god they left him after that and the only injury he had to show was the welt and bruise on the back of his neck. He went directly to the Tourism Police, who totally ignored him after he told them what happened, didn't even pretend to show concern (this he said was the worst part). We are going to contact the goverment officials for Zihua to let them know about the lack of concern on the police's part. We realize there was not much they could have done(except maybe patrol the Paseo better at night) but they could have at least pretended to be concerned!?
My main reason for posting this is to warn people to stay off of the Paseo when it is dark. As I said, we have always felt so safe in Zihua and love the town and the people who live there. We have many locals that we feel lucky to call "amigo" and still plan on returning to Zihua many times. As I said before, we were warned and luckily my husband was not hurt but could have been beat up, knifed or shot (one said his friend had a gun). They were very fast and good and my husband felt this was not their first robbery and that they were just waiting for a gringo to come along to rob.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....stay to the streets at night for your safety. Our intention is not to scare anyone from going to Zihua (we are not even telling our friends at home about it because we want them to come with us sometime) but just to be aware that is can happen and to use common sense.

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