A Week At The Irma

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Escrito por Mike desde (ip68-228-52-208.tc.ph.cox.net) el día miťrcoles, 26 de mayo, 2004 a las 10:31:05 horas :

We just got back from a week at the Irma. If youíre looking for a place that affords you the comfort of air conditioning as well as a great central locat1on I highly recommend it. The staff is great. I said the staff if GREAT! The maids left us little towel and flower sculptures every day and the service was wonderful. Everyone is very helpful and they all speak enough English so that communication is no problem. Thereís a guy who works the desk in the afternoon named Jamie (pronounced with an H) who drives a cab in the morning and he makes a great tour guide. Heís also a great source of information about everything from good restaurants to local history. If you need anything you should look him up, heís a great resource and a really nice guy as well. He took us on a back country tour of some of the plantations and then to Playa Larga for a relaxing lunch. The price was $70 but we opted for $100 because it was so much fun and he bent over backwards to make sure we got to see everything that interested us. I highly, highly recommend him.
Iíve got about five hundred digital photos that Iím going to post in the near future and Iíll leave a notice here when I do. We loved Zihuatanejo and weíll be back.

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